Nigerian Music Legend, Majek Fashek Poses With His Cute Relatives After 10 Years Apart

Published 4 years ago by: CLARA JANCITA
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at 19-02-2016 02:32PM (4 years ago)

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Nigerian music legend, 'Rainmaker' Majek Fashek reunited with his nephew and nieces in Benin after a decade.
For many years Majek was addicted to hard drugs and his career took a nosedive, but a stint at rehab has set him straight
Majekodunmi Fasheke, popularly known as Majek Fashek, Nigerian reggae singer-songwriter and guitarist is back again.
He has been pictured reuniting with his relatives after 10 years apart.
The popular artist who went through a rehabilitation from drug and alchohol is now doing very well as his recent picture and performance suggests.
Fashek is known for the 1988 album Prisoner of Conscience which included the hit single
"Send Down the Rain"
, winning him several awards and accolades.
See the recent family photo below:

Ennyolalekan at 19-02-2016 02:44PM (4 years ago)
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good one....welcome back into awa family...
appearz at 19-02-2016 03:09PM (4 years ago)
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kwaka. twisted people with twisted head in twisted generation, inside twisted dark world. the time left is reduced. 1conr. 7:21.
promy at 19-02-2016 03:10PM (4 years ago)
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Cute family.

Trueyarn at 19-02-2016 03:18PM (4 years ago)
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Ok seen,them try for themselves.
Donchijoz at 19-02-2016 03:31PM (4 years ago)
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Rehabilitation. Thank God for him
gogoman at 19-02-2016 04:01PM (4 years ago)
(31814 | Addicted Hero) (m)

Don't mess with drugs again ok
emma4love3 at 19-02-2016 04:03PM (4 years ago)
(15080 | Hero) (m)

oooh mehn is good to see you back on stage
a whole rain maker die how.....?may God bless
those guyz that helped in taking you to
rehab....cute family...Cheers
kp45 at 19-02-2016 04:27PM (4 years ago)
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sandra78 at 19-02-2016 04:49PM (4 years ago)
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You are welcome back my Man
zezprincess at 19-02-2016 05:31PM (4 years ago)
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Waow lovely family,they all resemble,but if I may ask,he never marry? Singing one of his albums now" Redemption song,Old pirate yes they rob I,sold I to the merchant ship,minutes after they took I,from the bottomless pit,won't you help to sing,the songs of freedom,another song of freedom.
Vikkyid at 19-02-2016 06:26PM (4 years ago)
(52 | Newbie) (m)

But they abandoned him before, thanks God to concerned Nigerians and and area Father charlyboy who saved the day. They took my legend brother Fashek for a cazy man. God has delivered him
Mykie010 at 19-02-2016 06:27PM (4 years ago)
(6625 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Send down d rain
kison at 19-02-2016 07:52PM (4 years ago)
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JUST be careful, be very very careful,CAREFULLLLLLLLL...
cocoeni at 19-02-2016 08:01PM (4 years ago)
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no  matter what in life  ur family  is still  ur  blood
lilchuks28 at 19-02-2016 09:11PM (4 years ago)
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Thank God for you..... Que Sera Sera
charisVEC at 20-02-2016 08:51AM (4 years ago)
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I see...Dats nyc...Issokay
charisVEC at 20-02-2016 08:51AM (4 years ago)
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I see...Dats nyc...Issokay
dareper at 20-02-2016 11:46AM (4 years ago)
(20571 | Addicted Hero) (m)

Mehhn,.those two babes na fire. Happy re union
Larry28 at 20-02-2016 12:29PM (4 years ago)
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