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The reorganization of Google has
seen the creation of the new parent
company that is know as Alphabet Inc.
This means that as we know Google
as search engine, Google Maps,
Android and even You Tube, will actually be the subsidiary of the
Alphabet Company. This will help the
company in getting more ambitious
and serious things done, motivating
and empowering best entrepreneurs
and great companies to flourish, and improve transparency and oversight of
the things that Google is doing. The
search will still search well; Gmail will
read the email as usual and serve the
ads. YouTube will still buffer, Android
can still lag if the user opens more apps, Chrome will continue to crash,
and Google will continue to be
creepy. WHAT IS ALPHABET? Alphabet is actually the collection of
many companies lead by the largest
one of all which is Google. Other
companies which are under Alphabet
include the following; life sciences
which works in developing the glucose sensing contact lens, Calico which
focuses on research aimed in
prolonging the life of human and
many other companies. FIVE THINGS YOU
MUST KNOW • Alphabet will not change anything
concerning how you search on the
internet The daily lives of individuals will not
be disrupted by the change of profile
name. Google will still remain to be
the face of experience to many
individuals as they browse the web.
Not only individuals, search service will still be called Google, other visited
sites such as YouTube will still remain
as they are. The company will still
maintain the control of those services,
albeit under the care of Alphabet.
Given the size of the services, they are almost untouchable by any
change in business. •Alphabet devices may not be
seen in shops any time soon The newly branded Google hardware
is now familiar on retailers’ shelves,
from Google Nexus 6 Smartphone into
internet TV-enabling Google
Chromecast. Google-owned
companies like Nest are hardware brands that are recognized in their
own right. Users should not expect to
see Alphabet Smartphone available
for sale anytime soon. The main point
is that the Alphabet companies will
have independence and come up with their own strategies that will help
them develop their own brands. •The main focus of Alphabet is to
make Google a more versatile
company with their cash and
services Users should actually know that
Alphabet is not a holding company
that has an overarching control of
Google and its off services, but a
company that will allow every
individual company control itself and act remotely. Before, all brands were
taking up Google’s resources and
cash.YouTube and Android shall
remain untouched but Wi-Fi enabling
internet balloons shall no longer be
the background thing to talk about within Google, but the headline
business of their own. The company
will also retain the broadband, life
sciences, cellular services, and drone
delivery efforts. •Changing the name into Alphabet
made the company gain $20 billion The change of Google’s name has
added six percent to its total brand
worth. The announcement of
Alphabet has added more than $20
billion into the company’s total market
cap. The Android maker may be long way off matching the value of Apple
which is the world’s largest company,
but changing its name to Alphabet
has actually helped in narrowing down
the gap. •Alphabet will be a self promoting
nightmare Actually Google is not the first
company to come up with an idea of
adorning the company with a moniker,
Alphabet. Despite its significant
internet clout, this search giant does
not currently own rights into the domain name alphabet.com. Instead,
the in demand domain belongs to the
spin-off of automotive giant BMW –
the company we cannot see giving up
rights too easily. Conclusion Generally Alphabet entails many
companies which are led by Google.
This reorganization has actually made
Google company gain more. For
example in recent times, it made
Google company make more than $20 billion which is a 6 percent increase.
Alphabet will not change anything
concerning how you search on the
internet. Also Alphabet devices will
not be seen in shops any time soon.
Actually the main focus of Alphabet is to make Google and other companies
more versatile companies. Changing
the name into Alphabet will actually
give small companies an advantage of
growing and expanding their market

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thats a welcome development
the world is fast developing
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Technology of nowadays is becoming something meaningful. i knw google we do something good more and more
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Na wetin dis 1 mean, u dey repeat post wey u post ur sef
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Quote from: Bourne Identity on  4-03-2016 07:39AM
Na wetin dis 1 mean, u dey repeat post wey u post ur sef
....no mind am him
head don nock
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very good
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