The 6 Catholic Seminarians Who Died In An Accident On Their Way To Enugu Buried (Photos)

Published 3 years ago by: kacy lee
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at 12-03-2016 06:48AM (3 years ago)

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The six Catholic Seminarians that died about 2 weeks ago in a fatal accident while on their way from Ikot Ekpene to Enugu have been buried. And here are heartbreaking pics from the very sad event. They were laid to rest yesterday in their seminary community house at Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State.

The six philosophy seminarians named Michael Nwafor, Emmanuel Okoli, Emeka Osisiuri, Joachim
Erhimeyoma, Emmanuel Agbo and Emmanuel Adah, of St. Joseph Major Seminary, Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom died in a   motor accident with eleven others sustaining various degree of injuries.

The Vincentian philosophy students were travelling from Ikot-Ekpene, Akwa-Ibom State to attend a compulsory human development programme scheduled at Enugu. But unfortunately, this could not be as one of the two 16-seater buses conveying them had a burst tyre at Otu-Ozara just a few kilometers away to their destination.

Requiem mass held in their honour at St. Joseph Major Seminary, Ikot Ekpene. Internment followed at Blessed Michael Ghebre Community House, Abiakpo, Ntak Inyang in Akwa Ibom state.


May their souls rest in peace, Amen.

Vectorcy at 12-03-2016 06:56AM (3 years ago)
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I see..God,,,Wat a lost...Rip to you all..Only God knws YY it happen...issokay
angesco at 12-03-2016 07:05AM (3 years ago)
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Our vechicles are NOT vechicles. They ARE coffins and when driven on the unkempt roads they become death traps. When will Nigerians ever be free from our poor maintenance culture. In other countries there would be a FULL SCALE inquiry into what happened - but of course not in Nigeria. The corruption in high places will never allow the truth to be told.

Who was responsible for the maintenance of the bus? When.was it last checked? How OLD were the tyres? Was the bus carrying people beyond its limit? Did potholes cause the tyre to burst? When was the road last maintained? Lots of questions.

May their souls rest in peace.
Blessed75 at 12-03-2016 07:42AM (3 years ago)
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RIP God knows the best
ficull at 12-03-2016 08:02AM (3 years ago)
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RIP brothers.
Mykie010 at 12-03-2016 08:07AM (3 years ago)
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climax_man at 12-03-2016 08:10AM (3 years ago)
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So sad,RIP to them..
raynebee at 12-03-2016 08:13AM (3 years ago)
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JEEZ...may der soul RIP
slimmygal at 12-03-2016 09:01AM (3 years ago)
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rip, what a loss!
dynasty4all at 12-03-2016 09:21AM (3 years ago)
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BournIdentity at 12-03-2016 09:30AM (3 years ago)
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Quote from: sanusi modele on 12-03-2016 09:01AM
rip, what a loss!
kp45 at 12-03-2016 10:27AM (3 years ago)
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RIP brothers in the Lord.
gogoman at 12-03-2016 10:58AM (3 years ago)
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only in naija ...RIP
evanwoko at 12-03-2016 11:03AM (3 years ago)
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A very big loss to the entire Catholic community.
 May God in His abundant mercy grant their souls eternal rest. Amen
Oworen25 at 12-03-2016 11:03AM (3 years ago)
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Very big lost to Catholic Church may their souls rest in perfect peace
kison at 12-03-2016 11:31AM (3 years ago)
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yashiyikure at 12-03-2016 02:13PM (3 years ago)
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may their gentle souls rest in peace
Eazyatumeyi at 12-03-2016 03:04PM (3 years ago)
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painful, may their souls Rest in peace.
botlex at 12-03-2016 03:50PM (3 years ago)
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E yaa, RIP to the dead
privacy at 12-03-2016 05:19PM (3 years ago)
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May their souls rest in peace
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