BREAKING! New militant group emerges, threatens President Buhari; makes unbelievable demand

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A new militant group identified as ‘The Niger Delta’ Avengers
in Nigeria’s Niger- Delta region, has issued a warning to President
Muhammadu Buhari.

In a press statement made available to
the public press, the
group says the president should hold a national conference
where Nigerians would be allowed to vote on
whether or not to divide the country into four self-governing

The militants, in the statement titled ‘Nigeria is a failed entity’.

While stating that Nigeria (which was
brought together by Sir Lord Lugard) died after 1966 and the country no longer exists, the group stated that the region has been neglected by the present administration of President Buhari, and has called for a division.

“The recent happenings in the country is clear
eye opener to how the Nigerian state has
derailed and its heading to nowhere.

“A country where those in power over look the main reasons
why they were voted into power.

That has showed how self centered and selfish the people we look up to as leaders in the country.

“When they (politicians) are elected or appointed into any political office. Their primary aim is to
enrich themselves and
influence infrastructural
projects to their region.

“Clear example is the present administration
where Fulani herdsmen whom are the kinsmen
of President Buhari are above the law despite
the killing and atrocities they have committed
against farmers in the south and middle belt but the president can give a shoot on sight directive to military against the peaceful
protest of the Indigenous people of Biafra.

Muhammadu Buhari is being seriously threatened by a new militant group in the Niger Delta.

“Other one is the 2016 budget where nearly all
the major projects are
channeled to the North even though the creeks of the Niger delta are in
dear need of development to improve the standard of living,” the statement read in part.

While expressing its grievances
over the neglect of the Niger Delta for over 50
years, the group revealed why they began their militancy and despite the fact
that the late President Umaru Musa Yaradua
proclaimed amnesty for the agitators, nothing has been done about their demands.

“The Niger Delta has been neglected for more than 50 years which gave birth to the arm struggle in the region but after the proclamation of the
presidential amnesty to all agitators by President Umaru Musa Yara- duha little or none has been done about the Niger delta in >>>CONTINUE READING>>>