Bakassi handover

Date: 14-08-2008 9:59 pm (14 years ago) | Author: ZEEROWBADMAN Basil Assibong
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ARE u a Nigerian?..........
Then this is ur chance to be heard!!!.

what do u really think Nigeria should do in this case?

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- Zeerowbadman at 14-08-2008 10:08 PM (14 years ago)
Ya'll need to read this

Gendarmes stationed in the Peninsula now had made sure any Nigerian who managed to vacate, did not come back into the territory for anything.

Those who dared, were shot, killed or wounded. A fisherman, Akpan Udoh who escaped from the place, told Daily Sun at Akpabuyo, Cross River State, that Cameroonian soldiers-gendarmes have gone trigger happy. Speaking through an interpreter, the fisherman said the gendarmes are massed at waterfronts, shooting, killing and destroying boats venturing into the peninsula.
Akpan also revealed that unidentified corpses recently washed up at Abana beach, the hitherto administrative headquarter of Bakassi Local Government Area.

As the today’s handover date of the peninsular drew close, Daily Sun learnt the gendarmes had made life unbearable for Nigerians living there. Another returnee who now lives at a temporary shelter erected by Cross River State government at Ikang, George Okon, accused the gendarmes of looting, molesting and killing Nigerians in the peninsula at will.

“Not checked by anybody, there’s no Nigerian soldier or police in the area now to protect us. So, the gendarmes treat us like slaves. They take things by force – rape housewives and girls openly. So, no point in my staying there again,” the former school teacher said Tuesday.
A military source told Daily Sun that the gendarmes overkill may not be unconnected with the recent attack on the gendarmes by militants in the area. “It looks like a reprisal attack which has now gone out of control,” the military source said.
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- Godsson at 17-08-2008 03:24 PM (14 years ago)
This is another demonstration of my long held view that Nigeria is a State without a defined foreign policy.Whatever we say now ll amount to crying over spilled milk.This is cus the Nigerian state & its international backers ve handed over Bakassi to Cameroon,without any regard for the wishes of the people of Bakassi.Nigeria was not supposed to subject herself to the jurisdiction of the ICJ in the 1st place.But as ve already said,the deed is done.Let's hope we learn from it.The foreign policy is not magic or miracle,but serious biz.   
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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