Man Trying To Impersonate Adekunle Gold Busted In a Popular Lagos Island Club (Photo)

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-- (f) at 22-07-2016 05:56PM

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A music promoter @kogbagidi shared how an Adekunle Gold look alike was allegedly busted at a Surulere, Lagos club in the middle of sipping Hennessy and flexing fine chicks. 

From kogbagidi's story, it seems the faux Adekunle Gold was moving from club to club on a 'club tour',  taking selfies with fans and enjoying all the attention, but when he got to the Surulere club, he was busted and the guy fled. Lol.

Read the full story below
An impersonator of a popular RnB Artist Adekunlegold was cruising around Surulere nite Clubs on a club tour when C.E.O of the club phoned a famous Artist promoter @kogbagidi to notify of the impersonator at the V.I.P section sipping Hennessey with cold ice and chicks around him.
On getting to the Club, the impersonator (Fake Adekunlegold) begged the owner of the club for his dare life and ran before the police got there.
Fellow fans let's protect our hardworking Artist and Alert any security agencies around u or call 112 or 767 if you see this Hungry impersonator.

-- beneno (m) at 22-07-2016 06:01PM
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To Whom It May Concern  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- gogoman Online (m) at 22-07-2016 06:11PM
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-- Markeve (f) at 22-07-2016 06:17PM
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He wan belong.
-- dickieponga (m) at 22-07-2016 06:25PM
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He didn't commit any crime did he..? Even Micheal Jackson had one too many lookalikes so so other stars and some of dem use dem as cover so d real star can escape from d fans..
Wat is wrong with naija stars wey dey arrest innocent lookalikes which crime dem commit as long dem no defraud anybody so wat..?
Naija stars should get a life..
-- dickieponga (m) at 22-07-2016 06:32PM
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Most stars even Ronaldo, Messi, Prince, Madonna etc get lookalikes but dey don't go about arresting every lookalikes dey meet...
"Stars In Your Eyes" is a lookalike tv program where the best looking lookalikes go on tour all over the country to perform...
You people are backward and overdo things, u r a bunch of illiterates no good ars*holes and una even include number to report to police..
Na im be say hunger still dey una eye, una no get money and una dey flex shame on u guys...
-- GermoDon (m) at 22-07-2016 06:37PM
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ok na
-- EDDYPRINCE (m) at 22-07-2016 07:00PM
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-- Mykie010 (m) at 22-07-2016 07:13PM
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The guy no do anything joor,he was only having a good time...
-- winace (f) at 22-07-2016 07:19PM
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They really loom alike.
-- kison (m) at 22-07-2016 07:22PM
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NEXT TIME BE careful, be very very careful, CAREFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL……………………………….
-- excel81 (m) at 22-07-2016 07:49PM
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Sorry to say this for the first time in my life online. The Guy is a fool. Why would he begged and ran away?  The man is REAL  and that is the true strength of his destiny. God didn't make mistakes. And to you that posted this Why would you call God masterpiece an IMPERSONATION? Can't  you read between lines?  Is it IMPERSONATION  or being IDENTICAL even though they are not twins? Let Adekunle Gold live his life and that Guy live his life.
Pls always know the nitty-gritty to every word before you add any caption. Seriously if I were  the Guy, I would prosecute this platform for TAGGING my PICTURE with  "IMPERSONATION". Cos it punishable under the law.....
-- slimmygal (f) at 22-07-2016 07:59PM
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Make una let d guy feel like a star now.
-- kima77same (m) at 22-07-2016 09:38PM
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Am coming back
-- morgan1 (m) at 22-07-2016 10:09PM
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-- zoe61 (f) at 23-07-2016 01:17AM
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notting them no dey take fraud for Naija
-- CHRISETTE (f) at 23-07-2016 08:06AM
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Pls share number for the general public to alert on kidnapping stealing etc not this
-- dickieponga (m) at 24-07-2016 03:32AM
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A lot of stars use lookalikes to divert attention away from dem and some stars go out in disguise so dey don't get recognized by the public dats why dey use lookalikes..
Even d real star sef in dis story na yeye star and if i were the lookalike i wouldn't run away cos am having a good time with my friends as long as i no go on stage declare mysef say i be anoda person which is fraud..
Naija too form.   
-- module (m) at 24-07-2016 09:24AM
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OK oo
-- module (m) at 24-07-2016 11:45AM
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