Debate: Are women inherently Gold-Diggers? A voice for MEN

Date: 02-09-2016 8:25 am (5 years ago) | Author: aadex kebella
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This is a question I keep asking myself, its becoming more and more debatable issues rampant among men whenever they are having idle time-on-entertainments. Is this really true? that majority of women are now plying their trade of becoming a gold-digger. What are the genuine aim of women getting married to rich men? For true love? To live a better life? or simply because of acquiring his wealth all in the name of being his wife?

Below are some response from people I have questioned about this?

Bolaji: Financial providership is one facet women consider in choosing a husband, yes. You can call it "gold digging" if you want. I'd only call a woman a gold digger if this was the ONLY facet she considered, and if she was unwilling to provide in-kind to maintain access to funding.

Samson: All women go for the Gold. Is just their need, they figure the person will be more suited to raise a family and protect their children

Dele: I've known some women who refuse to date any man that doesn't come from a rich family or rich himself and I know some women who refuse to date any man that is not happy living in VGC, Banana or Estate Villa and using a huge cars with bumper savings account.

Seyi: It really depends on the individual, but the numbers of women becoming gold-digging is increasing day by day

Adesanmi: Considering the fact of Nigerian economy, it is pathetic nowadays that economy is pushing this ladies to become a gold digger, more of a harlot or prostituting to get money.

Olusanjo: I will say YES, no money no horny, women can be easily tempted with money; so if they can be a man simply because he is rich, she is highly a gold digger.

Bamidele: No women wants a man without money nowadays and this make everything into positivity of categorizing this women as gold diggers.

Nicolas: All women are gold-diggers to different degrees. Most just want financial expenses to flaunt around showing people how classy their luxurious life they live. Women have evolved to be dependent on men. Unlike men they do not feel the same sense of shame at not being self-reliant.

Kingsley: Women for the purpose of being Minister of Expenses, have turned to gold digger. In the name of love as an excuse they clinch on rich men alone in order to have a hand in their wealth.

Akinwale: I believe that not all women are gold diggers, but the number of those who are covetous of money are much more than the real women. Presently, the real ones are no longer holding onto their faith of being real; Economy and their friend s style has a great influence on them; thereby makes them join the league.

Kindly join the debate and give your honest comments or experience you may have had concerning this issue!

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