I Am Still A Virgin – Actress, Liz Anjorin Opens Up In New Interview

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Movie producer and actress, Elizabeth Anjorin aka Lizzy Anjorin is one of Nollywood’s most sought after Yoruba actress. Business savvy Lizzy recently opened up to Entertainer on her career and her new project.

What has been happening to you lately?
I have been doing fine despite the fact that the industry has been badly affected by piracy and all that. I thank God every day.

You travel out of the country very often. Would it be right to say that Lizzy is making so much money?
(Laughter) If I have so much money I won’t be travelling out so often. I travel out so often because I have to hustle.

How are you coping with economic recession?
Hmmm… it has affected me too-oo. Or do you want me to say it has not affected me so that ‘boys’ can come and rob me (laughter). It is affecting all of us.

What project are you working on at the moment?
Wow! That is Owo Naira Bet.

What inspired it?
Recently I discovered that a lot of Nigerians youths are engaging in sports betting and they hit so much money sometimes even running into millions of naira but after a few months, you see them back on the streets doing nothing. The message is that people should learn to invest; they can invest part of this money and save for the rainy day. Yes, life is a gamble in itself but we need to learn how to save for the rainy day and invest.

Lizzy, you are such a pretty babe. When are you going to tie the knot?
I am still a virgin (laughter). That would be when I grow up. Any questions about that?

You have a glowing skin. What is the secret?
It is God I must say.

Is there any special beauty routine that you have embarked on?
In the morning I exercise and take fruits. In the afternoon I eat like a queen and in the evening, I take something very small.

Do you have any regrets in life?
None, I am good and I am grateful.

You often act action and violent roles in movies. Is that the real Lizzy Anjorin?
No, that is not the real me.

So, who is the real Lizzy Anjorin?
This is the real me. What you see on screen is what I mimic. I I can easily go into any cha acter and come back to my normal self. As an artiste you must be able to have your own personal life but when on set, immediately you hear ‘action’, you switch to the character you are depicting and after you are done you come back to your normal self immediately.

Aside acting, what else is Lizzy Anjorin up to?
I am also a designer. I design most of my wears. I have a clothes line.‎

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What's special??
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No be only virgin na Virginia emetubeghim ya akwuna kobo kobo
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Don't tell me dat Lizzy, if u are a virgin then my grandma is also a virgin
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alright hustle well. it is good
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Tell that to the gods

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what's ma  biz
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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That s good for her, but i doubt that.
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Sorry for the Gods.. ... Wetin she want mak we do now,  just dey observe ooooooo
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Babe pack well jor!
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ok woman wahala ooooh
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i believe her , she takes it up the ass