Police Release Suspected Killers Of Abuja Evangelist, Eunice Elisha, For Lack Of Evidence

(m) at 15-01-2017 06:30AM (3 years ago)

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The Nigeria Police Force has released all the arrested suspects in connection with the gruesome murder of 42 year old RCCG evangelist, Eunice Elisha, in Abuja on July 9th 2016.

According to the  FCT Police spokesman, ASP Anjuguri Manzah, the suspects were released because police investigation could not establish any evidence linking them to the murder of the late Evangelist.

He however stated that the suspects were released on the condition that they will be called up for interrogation whenever the need arises. He said investigations into the matter is still ongoing.

Originalman8 (m) at 15-01-2017 07:13AM
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Just imagine the nonsense.this country call Nigeria is a big joke.can you just imagine what Nigeria police is saying.oh my goodness.this Fulani herdsmen Islamist fanatics call buhari and elrufai have declared religious war in Nigeria Christians take note.buhari elrufai and other Islamist pig in Nigeria will not end well.the killer of this innocent woman will never never go unpunished.police and government should do as it please them.but they will see
Originalman8 (m) at 15-01-2017 07:25AM
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The deeperlife pastors Wife they killd in Kano the suspects are also released by court.police now free the killer of this woman.what a nonsense.God where are you.christans in Nigeria need your presence.
james987 (m) at 15-01-2017 07:30AM
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God must surely fight for her.. Those that killed her will never know peace
chukkychukky (m) at 15-01-2017 07:44AM
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ignis99 (m) at 15-01-2017 08:06AM
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God is watching that's all I can say. RIP  child of God.
akinmanchy (m) at 15-01-2017 08:28AM
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Lack of evidence? Well, may her soul rest in peace

okuboye (m) at 15-01-2017 08:29AM
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there is no fair justice in dis world, the undiluted justice can only be deliver by God.....
gogoman (m) at 15-01-2017 09:14AM
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ruchynize (f) at 15-01-2017 10:32AM
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buhari at work rubbish na matter way no concer the he goat him go give much importance
juliman (m) at 15-01-2017 10:59AM
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Quote from: okuboye on 15-01-2017 08:29AM
there is no fair justice in dis world, the undiluted justice can only be deliver by God.....
no fair justice in nigeria
jeroba1 (m) at 15-01-2017 12:49PM
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northern Muslim we know no peace.
kingsbeen (m) at 15-01-2017 03:03PM
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You guys  can now see how idiotic  this gogoman  man is   
kacylee (f) at 15-01-2017 03:27PM
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this nigerian factor is so annoying, but God will judge and due punishment will come to the culprits

tommy70 (m) at 15-01-2017 11:44PM
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LegendaryU (m) at 16-01-2017 04:53PM
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Am not surprise at all! Buhari Corruption fight is selective as well! Buhari see Nigeria see you!!!
Kingsavior (m) at 16-01-2017 10:18PM
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You see why eminent reprisal attack is better than police case, I am calling on the family of this woman to rise and avenge the blood of this innocent woman...do not give your eyes sleep until their blood litters the street
BournIdentity (m) at 18-01-2017 09:50AM
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I saw,,..,

Lyf na from phase to face..,,,...