Ooops! Checkout The Curses Twitter User Rained On This Man

3 years ago by: success Xenab
-- (m) at 17-01-2017 08:48AM

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Yesterday on Twitter, there were lots of arguments on menstrual cycle, sanitary pads and use of tissue.

The Twitter user above asked the question and got this very wicked response.

See after the cut.....

-- chukkychukky (m) at 17-01-2017 09:34AM
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why u dey curse am na wrong question him ask?

-- ruchynize (f) at 17-01-2017 10:26AM
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nah wah oooo wetin the man talk to collect this kinda insults
-- gogoman Online (m) at 17-01-2017 10:29AM
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stupid bitch you no be deity if u like curse am from now till u die!  the gullible boy ask simple question, how that one be crime
-- delight222 (f) at 17-01-2017 10:48AM
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Hmmm,na d person wey no knw watin e go answer you,
-- akinmanchy (m) at 17-01-2017 12:31PM
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O'boy see curse, I'm outta here sharperly

-- kacylee (f) at 17-01-2017 07:04PM
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why u dey curse am nah, him send u msg?, babe no para nah take heart menopause wil soon come

-- james987 (m) at 18-01-2017 12:40AM
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Mumu lady
-- BournIdentity (m) at 19-01-2017 12:11AM
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Na white winch be that...,,,

Lyf na from phase to face..,,,...,,.......
-- BournIdentity (m) at 19-01-2017 12:12AM
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@ruchynize ,,,,... I taya for d mata