Reno Omokri Calls Out Fr Mbaka And Tunde Bakare For Lying Against Jonathan

Published 3 years ago by: CLARA JANCITA
at 6-02-2017 11:28AM (3 years ago)

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Former Special Assistant to ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan on New Media, Reno Omokri, has taken a swipe at the Spiritual leader of the Adoration Ministries in Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, for lying against his former boss, Jonathan. Omokri also called out the founder of The Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, recalling how he preached ‘falsehood’ against Jonathan in the past.

On his Twitter handle @renoomokri, he wrote:
“Tunde Bakare who said GEJ BELITTLED his office by kneeling for GO Adeboye to pray for him is today quiet as PMB BELITTLES Naira to ₦500/$1!
“Two years ago, Mbaka LIED that Jonathan wanted to kill him. Today, hunger is killing Nigerians and Mbaka’s lying mouth is LOUDLY silent! “I remind both Father Mbaka and Tunde Bakare that a Jonathan whom God has blessed, no Mbaka or Bakare or anybody can curse-Numbers 23:8.

“In 2012 Tunde Bakare preached one of many sermons against GEJ & said “Up, up Jesus; down, down Jonathan”. Hope he is proud of himself today! “Two years ago Mbaka preached a sermon against GEJ titled ‘From Goodluck to Badluck’. As things unfold today, I hope he is proud of himself! “Tunde Bakare and Mbaka who used their pulpits to attack GEJ when things were better now use same pulpit to defend PMB when things are worse,”
he tweeted.

Blessed75 at 6-02-2017 11:42AM (3 years ago)
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God will judge those two men you mention 
Mykie010 at 6-02-2017 12:02PM (3 years ago)
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Reno,irrespective of the fact that I like u,fr mbaka is not silent on buhari,he has been very vocal about buhari's gross incompetence and partiality. He is a man of GOD and not in any political party.
BournIdentity at 6-02-2017 12:02PM (3 years ago)
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Shut up there....,
dynasty4all at 6-02-2017 12:31PM (3 years ago)
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dynasty4all at 6-02-2017 12:32PM (3 years ago)
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Quote from: BournIdentity on  6-02-2017 12:02PM
Shut up there....,
Larry28 at 6-02-2017 12:58PM (3 years ago)
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Attention seeker
michaelniran at 6-02-2017 01:01PM (3 years ago)
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This man is a foolish man, I don't expect him to say any better or to see beyond his stomach. He was a special adviser to Jonathan. See what his advise is costing Nigerians now. He is based in the UK, with lots of pounds sterling made during Jonathan's regime. Nigerians want a positive change without going through the hardship and learning curve other great countries when though to get to where they are now.
We have to remember what happened during first term Buhari and Idiagbon were running the country. Nigerian couldn't cope with the hardship and discipline his regime introduced. What happened after that was coupe by Babangida then Abacha and we were punished by these terrible leaders and made a backward progress for about 20years. If we can't manage to go through the hard times now for a better future for our next generation of Nigerians. Then our great nation will go back to square one again.
BournIdentity at 6-02-2017 01:07PM (3 years ago)
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@dynasty4all,,,, I remember wen I dey pri.1 if I won spell assassin., na asassin I go dey write..,
E dey on record sey una biafra bigots na empty opolo brainless head una dey cari up&down.., una no sabi book at all except na to fight for paper lyk small pikin. I beg help mi tell ur neighbour pikin sey make him dey use Oxford dictionary for ur spelling drills.., olodo otondo,
Chronic moronic moron mumu muppet
akinmanchy at 6-02-2017 02:42PM (3 years ago)
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Ok na, I still dey observe the matter

osarobo62 at 6-02-2017 03:19PM (3 years ago)
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dis monkey should go and hide under a banana tree.......adviser my ass.
james987 at 6-02-2017 06:00PM (3 years ago)
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OK na... Tell them or remind them.. Because now we move from good luck to heavy badluck... Heavy one Roll Eyes
bensow at 27-02-2017 05:15PM (3 years ago)
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I know why he is angry.Jonathan operated with his bad advise and was over remunerated with hard currency.
All these he has lost due to Buhari emergence,so why he no go vex and cry foul?