BBNAija: Video Of Housemate Thin Tall Tony Technically Lied That He's Not Married

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The Big Brother Naija TV show is getting hotter and more intense as things get heated up in the house. The relationship between Bisola and Thin Tall Tony is getting more raunchy following scenes of touching, kissing and even oral s*x. In latest twist, Thin Tall who we all know is married with kids lied to Bisola who he is attracted to and even got oral sex from recently in the house that he is a single man. He was caught red-handed denying his family and wife.
 When Bisola asked him, "Are you not a single man?"
Thin Tall replied, "By the grace of God" meaning that he is a single man by the grace of God. Such blatant lie could be very expensive in the future after he must have gone out of the house.

Video below:
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emytex74 (m) at 20-02-2017 11:14AM
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Larry28 (f) at 20-02-2017 01:15PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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akinmanchy (m) at 20-02-2017 02:14PM
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Make all of una just dey deceive una sef

AmazingMarie (f) at 20-02-2017 06:00PM
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kacylee (f) at 20-02-2017 08:07PM
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lying just to get to a black bermuda triangle yuk to u TTT

mirolam (f) at 20-02-2017 08:12PM
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That was a smart response. He is not accepting or denying that he is single or married. The question from Bisola, isn't direct. You can only answer that question with a supporting sentence after answering yes or no. " by the grace of God" is not a yes or no I'm married or not married type of response.
BournIdentity (m) at 24-02-2017 06:12AM
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