Gistmania: Celebrity Couple Damilola Adegbite And Chris Attoh Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

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Gistmania took a look at the actors’ Instagram accounts and discovered that they are no longer following each other. Damilola Adegbite seems to have been dropping hints about their separation since 2016. Last year, she wrote a message to her fans and followers saying she's trying to stay strong for her two-year-old son. Damilola Adegbite and Chris Attoh's sonplay
She wrote, "No one will ever fully understand what your struggles and fears are. No friend, no family. The only one who has enough reason to make a decision is you.
“If you are looking for approval from anyone before you make that move, you will remain at the bottom, in sorrow, till you are courageous enough to put your foot down and fight for what you want (or against what you do not want).
“I know many of us would want to leave all the necessary adjustments in the "new year resolution folder.”

Damilola Adegbite also added, “Be angry and tired enough to start making changes to your life, now! Live the life you deserve, the life that you would be happy to look back at when you die. Do not worry about what people will say or think. It is your life! Live it in a way that gives YOU peace.”
Meanwhile, on February 14, 2017, their wedding anniversary, Damilola Adegbite did not acknowledge any of her husband's public display of love on social media.
Chris Attoh's post on Instagram on their anniversary (Instagram) Chris Attoh took to Instagram sharing various photos alongside emotional messages which didn't get any reaction from her. We has reached out to both parties but their lines are currently switched off.

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Fake luv, keep on deceiving yourselves
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Newsless news
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To whom it may concern, next!!!

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give us the inside gist in your next interview
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