Have you ever consider eloping?

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To elope could mean "to run off in secret with a lover to be married". It could also mean "to leave without notification or permission". Lastly, for the sake of this write up, it could also mean "to run off to be married, usually without the consent or knowledge of one's parents. Elopement is also referred to as intimate ceremony.

The meaning and activities of elopement has evolved over the years, it is not what it used to be. A writer once said "Forget the archaic meaning of elopement which produced the image of a young suitor hoisting a ladder against a bedroom to help his teenage girl escape her parents' home, then rush off to get married in a secretive ceremony". He continued by defining elopement "An elopement is a simple yet elegant and inexpensive alternative to the overpriced and ostentatious traditional wedding ceremony".

Some lovers notify their individual parents of their "elopement plans". Some even go as far as notifying their close friends. Some even take their parents along so that they may experience their joining in a distant land. After elopement, some couples choose to organize a dinner party for friends and family.
When two lovers agree to elope, they travel to a far place, lodge in a hotel for some days. After getting there, they choose a particular place (it could be a beach, in a cruise, a mountain, a garden, a forest or anywhere their soul desires)  to be joined by an officiant. After elopement, they return to their family and friends and some host a party and continue to leave as couples.

Here are five reasons why you should consider elopement;
You'll save money- Some lovers opt for elopement because of the huge amount of money they'll spend in order to plan a proper wedding.  I won't advice lovers to plan a proper wedding on any form of loan, it's completely unrealistic. Even  though you are not planning your wedding on a loan, you can elope and divert the funds into something more profiting. You could even save the money in a fixed deposit account.

You'll save time and stress planning- To plan a proper wedding is not a child's play, you'll spend nothing less than six months or more to plan a wedding ceremony. Why not opt for elopement, it'll save you time and stress of planning. Elopement does not require much planning. Just choose a destination and go and be joined as husband and wife.

You can be adventurous- Have you being looking for the opportunity to travel to your dream island or tourist center, then elopement grants you an opportunity to travel. You can choose to be joined on a mountain, or in the forest, or on a walk way, or in a garden, or on a beach, or in a court room, or anywhere adventurous. Trust me, it will be adventurous and memorable.

You'll avoid cultural and religious clashes- These clashes are unavoidable especially when the two  families are of different religion or culture. Some families will give you 101 reasons why you should not marry from a particular tribe or religion. To avoid the clashes like these, why not opt for elopement.

You won't have an audience- I once attended a wedding ceremony at a particular church; the groom's voice was shaking when he was saying his wedding vows, this was due to the fact that he's very shy. If you're an introvert or a shy type, why not opt for elopement. It'll be you and your partner alone and the officiant and nobody else. Some people kick against elopement because the community won't be there to witness your joining. Don't mind them because whether they're present or not, it does not guarantee that your union won't last long or does not invalidate your union.

I'll advice you to notify your parents about your elopement, in this case, you are not asking for their consent you are just informing them. Don't force elopement or a proper wedding on your intended. It should be a mutual agreement because it is not your wedding day or intimate ceremony day only, it is also your intended's day. You don't need to travel far for the elopement, you can do it in your country as far it is done openly like a proper wedding ceremony.

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Well, this is a very interesting article.
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- TakBunc at 25-05-2021 07:38 AM (6 months ago)
Actually, escaping is a good thing. I had the situation described in this article. My fiance and I practice different religions, and we have a lot of difficulties. His family was against our relationship for a long time, but we got our way. In the end, we will finally get married and have a modest ceremony in the open air. In fact, after all that we have been through, we have no desire to tolerate anyone for a second longer. So the escape turned out to be an excellent solution for us. In addition, with the money saved, we will go on vacation from everyone and everything. We've been fighting for our love for too long, and now it's time to be happy.
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