Write Your Slang In A Sentence And Interprets The Meaning.

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Good day pals, my name is victor
and I grew up in benin city Edo state. I love
Benin city so much because of the people
and the language, especially the way they
are very good in coding their pigin english
other wise known as slangs. Talking about
slangs, I will tell u some and their meaning
in plain pigin english.
1. Oboy if u see 1 alignment wen I catch
2day, the Alignment well scatter: Oboy if u
see dis babe wey I meet 2day, the babe fine
any how.
2. I hear sey Blessing don chop belle full: I
hear sey Blessing don carry belle.
3. Guy, u don chop d alignment beans?:
guy, u don sleep with d babe?
4. I go put u on a centro later: I go call u
5. Make we block dis evening: make we see
dis evening.
Add yours and tell us the state with d
slangs so we can continue with d fun. If u
view u no post, e mean sey ur area no dey