Meet The Guy Adesua Etomi Was Dating When Banky W Was In Friend-zone (Photos)

at 7-05-2017 06:39PM (2 years ago)

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Yes, we know most of you are still wondering why Adesua Etomi will put Banky W on hold for so long, seeing they were obviously meant to be together. A report by TNSnigeria has revealed that the reason is a man and according to their reliable sources, he’s none other than upcoming actor, Kunle Remi.

Here's the report;

Throwback to 2 years ago, around the time Banky W must have made that call to his bestie, Tunde Demuren. When Banky told Demuren he had met the one, Adesua was
reportedly dating Kunle Remi on the low.

And that was why she insisted on being nothing more than friends. It was a relationship kept under the wraps and which only very close friends in the Industry knew about. This does not come as a surprise, seeing how lowkey the Actress eventually kept the relationship with her Fiance, Banky W.

Even trips to Kunle Remi’s Lekki apartment at the time were secret. And let’s not forget how smartly they both evaded the dating questions. Back in November last year, during an interview with Kunle Remi, the actor insisted he was only friends with the actress. Adding that their strong chemistry in Uduak Isong‘s Falling was simply what it was – an onscreen chemistry.

However, sources close to the two claim a certain ‘busty’ actress came into the picture and everything went downhill from there.

Of course, Banky and Adesua had been friends during this period and it was not until late last year, that the relationship between Kunle and Adesua finally came to an end.

And it was probably the official beginning of Banky & Adesua. What’s interesting to note is, while Adesua’s colleagues congratulated her two days ago, Kunle Remi was silent.

Even his buddy, Shawn Faqua did congratulate them. He, however, posted quite the interesting photo the following day

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pricklong at 7-05-2017 09:40PM (2 years ago)
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you people should say what ever you want to say remember there is a marry ring on the finger so that fingers is very beautiful  please learn how to appreciate we  are all Nigerias
kacylee at 7-05-2017 10:14PM (2 years ago)
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he who laughs last laughs best.... this adesua babe na real coded girl

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Quote from: Afriqueenn on  7-05-2017 06:46PM
Nawao... These nails look like

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