Maje Ayida Absent From Court As Toke Makinwa Begins Divorce Proceedings Against Him

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The celebrity couple fell out over alleged infidelity by Ayida.

Media personality Toke Makinwa has finally begun her divorce proceedings from her husband Maje Ayida.

The court proceedings started on Tuesday, few months after Toke separated from Ayida on grounds of infidelity. She late published a tell-it all book entitled On becoming.

However, her husband, Ayida was absent from court and sent his councel to represent him, saying that Maje was not interested in dragging the issue further, as they had a 12year relationship, which is a long time

An insider told us that the lawyer representing Toke Makinwa however chose to re –examine the case and presented certain documents as evidence against Ayida.
The petition was filed through her lawyers before Justice Pedro of the Lagos State High court.

The case was later adjourned for adoption of final written address.

princevinco (m) at 18-05-2017 04:43AM
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It is unfortunate for the failure of that marriage. Infidelity is involved here and I have even written about it there is a spiritual connotation to infidelity especially if it involves another man's wife or another woman's husband. This is because any marriage in which any of the couples get involved in infidelity, that marriage is doomed and may likely fail unless the person involved confesses and ask for forgiveness and the offended party forgives. Please read more about the danger of infidelity.

Ladyhap (f) at 18-05-2017 10:19AM
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I am so tired of these marriage divorce everywhere.
Before getting married, you should know & understand your spouse & what him/her is capable of doing.
Why rushing into a marriage that will not last? Is it because of money, is he/she too handsome/beautiful to let go; so you must marry him/her, is him/her too romantic & caring even when you know he/she is a cheat & you went ahead and marry?
Then, bear it all, it is your problem and not our problem to carry and solve. Why divorcing him/her when you know all these.
You divorce him/her to go after a new catch or what?
This is a SIN.
Please stop eating foods you know that you cannot finish.
Please marry for LOVE.
          marry for who he/her is and not for what he/her have or what he/her is.

As we all are fighting against "Domestic Violence" let us also fight against "DIVORCE"  for it is not good in any way.
It is said that " The Devil you know is better than the Angel you don't know.
Marry who you know and not who you don't know because of money and fame. Pls, it will end up killing you Cry.

                                      Try helping yourself so that God will help & see you through. God bless you all
schmit (f) at 18-05-2017 11:36AM
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He no dey ready
Larry28 (f) at 18-05-2017 01:00PM
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morgan1 (m) at 18-05-2017 03:56PM
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I see,,,,
AmazingMarie (f) at 18-05-2017 04:01PM
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why the last two pics