20 Nigerians on death row in Indonesia - FG begs for mercy

Published 11 years ago by: King Samuel O Dguy
at 2-09-2008 09:08AM (11 years ago)

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TWENTY Nigerian citizens are currently awaiting the hangman’s nose in Indonesia for drug-related offences. The authorities in the country insisted at the weekend that all was now set to execute the Nigerians.
The development came as the Federal Government pleaded that the lives of the affected Nigerians be spared.

The plea was made on behalf of the Federal Government by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Alhaji Tijani Kaura, who spoke at a farewell luncheon for the outgoing Indonesian envoy to Nigeria, Nurhadi Djazuli.

Nigerian Tribune gathered that the latest plea to the Indonesian authorities to allow the affected Nigerians to come and serve their sentences in Nigeria was the third in less than three months.

Djazuli said the law of his country was sacrosanct on the issue of drug offences while responding to the pleas made on behalf of the Federal Government in respect of the 20 condemned Nigerians.

The 60-year-old envoy preferred to speak on the pleasant bilateral relationship that he said existed between his country and Nigeria and foreclosed any attempt at saving the lives of the affected Nigerians.

Djazuli reminded Kaura that “both countries firmly adhere to the Bandung spirit and the principles of the Non-Aligned Movement in governing the relations among nations, including respect of each other’s sovereignty in the internal affairs of other countries.”

He expressed the belief that there were ample opportunities to broaden and deepen the bilateral relationship between the two countries in the years to come.

Speaking on the issue while begging for mercy for the convicts, Kaura noted that Nigeria was aware that Indonesian law was sacrosanct, adding that the country was appealing that justice should be tempered with mercy in respect of the affected Nigerians.

“We are aware your laws are sacrosanct. But we beg you to temper justice with mercy with regard to Nigerians living in Indonesia. We beg your intervention in that regard when you get back to your country,” Kaura told Djazuli.

It will be recalled that Samuel Iwuchukwu Okoye and Hansen Anthony Nwaolisa were on June 26, 2008 executed by Indonesian authorities for drug trafficking.

This was despite pleas for stay of execution or commutation of their death sentences by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ojo Maduekwe, as well as the summoning of the outgoing Indonesian Ambassador, Djazuli, to his (Maduekwe’s) office on May 30, 2008 for his home government to temper justice with mercy.

khadijah at 3-09-2008 01:17AM (11 years ago)
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if we tell them make them sit for their papa house they go talk say we no want better for them...if to say dem de naija,they for don bribe police maggaer wey go arrange their release.
berebe at 3-09-2008 01:10PM (11 years ago)
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All blames on Govt. Nigerian embassies abroad are doing nothing dey just collecting salary nothing more, some of them may be sentensed for offence they never did because nobody will fight for dem even ask for them, even visit dem in prison, they are there for their own business.

khadijah at 4-09-2008 12:56AM (11 years ago)
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true talk berebe...
ukoma at 4-09-2008 09:45AM (11 years ago)
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@berebe...I agree with you that most of these persons may be innocent but there is no need laying blames on the Government of Nigeria or the Nigerian Embassies abroad...the Government did not ask anyone to do drug deals...the issue is that most guys are very greedy...those figures in Indonesia are just small,if you analyze that in Malaysia you will know that people sometimes put themselves into trouble...the Embassies try as much to tell these guys to act well  if they are to live in any country or better go back instead of bringing shame to themselves...

...though a few of them may be innocent, it is right we condemn the bad behaviours of some of our Nigerian brothers who know of the laws but still continue in their bad businesses...these acts contribute in a great way in tarnishing our beloved country's image...

may God have mercy on them and Intervene

williams100 at 6-02-2011 05:20PM (9 years ago)
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mallorca at 6-02-2011 09:47PM (9 years ago)
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nawa o

tttonero at 7-08-2011 02:57AM (8 years ago)
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I am not sure what to be leave here, but may god have mercy on theses imprisoned men.
I hope a way can be found to set them free.
youngeazy at 11-05-2012 02:59AM (7 years ago)
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never u say wht u dont no de only way 2 make it outside is de game una gvt give us any work talk more place or make nija better place,1 things is sure najia still keep it real any where we are we dont funk abt de police in de country and plz let take dis time 2 u all dat is in najia if u ever see any india man or woman in eat him or her office dere pple dont kill us 4 here no out talk ooooo or..................
chicco77 at 2-06-2012 12:36AM (7 years ago)
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked
jenny00000 at 9-09-2012 02:52AM (7 years ago)
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u people that go against law deserved  the punishment any country government give so blame no one but those them self OK!!!!people!!!
PoliticxGuru at 21-08-2015 12:38PM (4 years ago)
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Who send dem