Young Lady Rains Curses On Guy Who Photoshopped Her Face On A Naked Body For Refusing Him S£x

3 years ago by: kacy lee
-- Online (f) at 22-05-2017 06:35AM

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A young Nigerian lady, Benita took to Facebook to rain curses on a guy whom she claimed photoshopped her face onto a naked body and threatened to make it go viral if she refuses to have sex with him. Her post below:

"R.I.P To d guy who stole my pictures and photo edited it..using my face for another Nood lady picture threatening to post it if I ddnt av sex wit him please ladies never trust anyone..nobody holy .dat picture isn't my real physique .inshore am more busty nd assy Dan dat I want to tell dat guy. Dat wanna embarrass mi thinking he would av sex wit mi dat he has FAILED!!!! I pray you remain impotent in your life span nd may untimely death locate u sex monger"

-- dareper (m) at 22-05-2017 06:59AM
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-- angesco (f) at 22-05-2017 07:12AM
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She said "nobody holy?"

It sounds as if ANOTHER "pastor" is trying his hands at extra curricular activities!!!


Brave girl. Well done.
-- Mykie010 (m) at 22-05-2017 07:53AM
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I don't agree with u,na u be that.
-- Larry28 (f) at 22-05-2017 09:32AM
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I say Amen to your prayers jawe..
-- Markeve (f) at 22-05-2017 11:21AM
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some guys are really wicked.
-- morgan1 (m) at 22-05-2017 02:47PM
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The guy dey craze,,,,na by force???
-- schmit (f) at 22-05-2017 06:12PM
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