The nun driver

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A guy on a commercial bus sat beside a nun and he tried to get intimate with her  by chatting her up.
But the nun told him she was not interested as she was married to thee church.
When the nun got off the bus, the driver, who had been listening to the guy all along, said "Hey guy, it seems you like the nun?"
"Very Much", the guy replied.
Then, she's so easy to make love to. Said the driver
How's that possible? asked the guy, who by this time, wasgetting more interested.
"She prays at the central cemetery every Saturday at midnight, just go there, with your whole body covered in white, and when she starts praying, say I'm God, and I have come to answer your prayer. Now, I want to sleep with you!"
The guy thought it was a wise trick, and by 11:45pm on Saturday, he was at the cemetary.
And truly, the nun came and started prayng, and the guy did as was told.
The nun, also covered in nun's clothing, said: "Yes God, but you can only have me from behind."
The guy agreed abd when he was through, he dropped his white clotthing and shouted: "I got you, I'm the guy who tired to woo you in the bus."
The "nun" also dropped her clothing, turning into a man.: "I'm the bus driver, I'm GAY!"

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