Nollywood Filmmaker Narrates How Him And His Fiance Were Embarrassed At A Cinema In Lagos (VIDEO)

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Nollywood filmmaker, Daniel Ehimen, recounts his ordeal at Genesis Cinemas Maryland on Sunday, June 4, 2017. According to Ehimen, he and his friends were treated badly by the staff of the cinema outfit where they went to watch Wonder Woman after one of them lost their popcorn ticket.
He wrote:
On a Sunday morning at genesis cinema Maryland my finance, myself and my friend went to see a movie (Wonder Woman) we bought our tickets. With the popcorn treat on two of the ticket and we waited. When it was time for the movie my friend at the popcorn point said he misplaced the voucher for both of us and said we couldn’t get served. When showed our ticket as proof but was ignored. So we went to the movie tickets sale girls to speak with her if should resolve this minute problem.
She said we have to forfeit so I asked for the manager and he came saying it our fault, I explained to him that as a manager that a wrong way to speak I didn’t bring myself to be reprimanded but I brought the issue to him to resolve.
He said we had to forfeit and then I told him that this is proof of the 7000 Naira ticket we paid and he wants us to forfeit ? I brought out my phone and told him I will make a video of this reporting this issue. All he and the female ticket seller did was to mock me. The next thing I knew genesis staff attacked me while I was recording the video and broke my phone.
We where physically detained by staffs of genesis deluxe cinema Maryland in the video demanding proof of having deleted this video. We barely made it out of the mall. We didn’t watch the movie we paid for and was severely embarrassed and physically assaulted By working present staff of genesis. This is just sad and disappointing, if your manager resolve issues this was then it only a matter of time till the business is run down.

watch video below:
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YoUrMe4sHeEz (m) at 5-06-2017 04:34PM
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all because of guguru? Pathetic complaint!
chukkychukky (m) at 5-06-2017 04:55PM
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Bebold (m) at 5-06-2017 07:19PM
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Quote from: YoUrMe4sHeEz on  5-06-2017 04:34PM
all because of guguru? Pathetic complaint!

Why is it pathetic? They went there to have fun and popcorn is used to relax and watch movies, I know your type never enjoy life unless you go to bar and drink multiple beer with your pot protruded belly
schmit (f) at 5-06-2017 07:43PM
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gogoman (m) at 5-06-2017 08:41PM
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how u go lost the ticket!! na your silly fault then, sebi u won see wonder woman..
BournIdentity (m) at 6-06-2017 03:42AM
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Roll Eyes                                                                          
Larry28 (f) at 6-06-2017 09:31AM
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Quote from: gogoman on  5-06-2017 08:41PM
how u go lost the ticket!! na your silly fault then, sebi u won see wonder woman..
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
osayan1 (m) at 29-06-2017 05:09PM
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