"I May Be Arrested Soon, Prison Is Built For People, Not For Animals " Senator Dino Melaye Speaks

at 9-06-2017 03:34PM (2 years ago)

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Speaking on Friday during the plenary session while querying the decision of the executive to retain Ibrahim Magu as the EFCC acting chairman, Senator Dino Melaye, said that he may soon be arrested over his comments.
The outspoken senator representing Kogi west, who has been involved in different controversies of late, told his colleagues that prisons are built for human beings and not animals.
According to Naijapals, while charging his colleagues not to allow selective application of the country’s laws, Melaye said President Muhammadu Buhari recognises the powers of the Senate to confirm nominees.
He said Buhari had replaced candidates rejected by the senate, but wondered why Magu’s case is different.
“I may be arrested immediately after this programme… prison is built for people and not for animals,” he said.
“Posterity will not forgive us when we keep silent in the face of lies and persecution.
“The persecution we went through in the first two years must not continue in the second half. Mr President in leading us in this second half you must put on your seat belt; it is dangerous to drive without a seat belt.
“Where we need to speak the truth as senators, we must speak the truth no matter whose ox is gored. We must begin to identify that there is a uniform law in the federal republic of Nigeria.
“No longer shall we allow the selective application of the law of the land. What is good for Abubakar is good for Nnamdi. Mr President, we have passed some people on the floor of this senate and those people that we have also disqualified by confirmation have been replaced by Mr President.
“That means that the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari recognises the powers of the senate to confirm.
“Why is Magu still in office? Mr President the truth is the truth, we should not have selective application of the rule of law; one law for everybody. We must as a senate we must preserve the integrity of this institution.”

The 8th senate is marking its second anniversary today.

pricklong at 9-06-2017 03:49PM (2 years ago)
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You speak well but change your name
angesco at 9-06-2017 04:20PM (2 years ago)
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Nigeria was ALSO built on the SWEAT of people -and - NOT for animals!!!!!!

crocatum at 9-06-2017 05:20PM (2 years ago)
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where are they suppose to keep animals
chukkychukky at 9-06-2017 05:38PM (2 years ago)
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nothin do u sir

freethinker at 9-06-2017 05:52PM (2 years ago)
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BLACKY77 at 9-06-2017 05:55PM (2 years ago)
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Why are people so gullible, don't be fooled by this man. Why saying these now when he has been caught red handed in election bribery case,and he knows he could be picked up at any moment from now. If he is eventually arrested tomorrow, he would attribute his arrest to this statement. Nigerians should be wiser than this. Oga Ajekun abeg go clear your name.
blackman1980 at 9-06-2017 09:13PM (2 years ago)
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Dog face u they form big man when bi say na chicken u bi hmmmm wait till u get pushed to kirikiri all does ur cars a go send boys make dem pack am
Lodigliani at 9-06-2017 09:52PM (2 years ago)
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Dino Melaye, u must be arrested for all your deeds and lies to the innocent people you have robbed bcos you want power. Nemesis would always catch on people who doesnt come with equity.  You lied here and there against and protecting people who are same like you to cover your Noods. So u think it woll be forever. If l were you for long, l will keep silence...when u are not clean, u shouldnt have gone to senate. ...you are a blistfull liar. U bribe your way when you dont merit it with $.and sat there confortable and passing onsult on others. Hnnn oga dino...aged footballer. Even a new kid knows what prison is meant for and should not come from your mouth bcos as far as l know with this case...your Alfa cannot rescue you. Even Saraki your nentor multiple Alfa cannot rescue you. Jail jail jail and your cars and chair will be there with u like Escobar...l dont pitty you bcos u are absolutely foolish like Mr Ekiti Gov and Egbon Aviation minister who want to be a pastor now... think twice bros dino, bcos l like you.
kabukabu at 10-06-2017 04:05AM (2 years ago)
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Wait until you get there. You will soon change your sentence like one outspoken woman journalist. I don't know her oo
schmit at 10-06-2017 05:33PM (2 years ago)
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BournIdentity at 12-06-2017 09:36AM (2 years ago)
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Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes                                                                       
BournIdentity at 15-06-2017 03:04AM (2 years ago)
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Roll Eyes                                                                           
osayan1 at 29-06-2017 02:51PM (2 years ago)
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abi now mr dino