The Biggest Movie In Ghana This Year "John & John" Is A Rip Off Of Another Top South African Movie

Published On: June 16, 2017, 2:03 pm
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After Ghanaian media pointed out the obvious copying of South African filmmaker, Tim Greene’s ‘Skeem’ in Kofas Media’s box office hit, ‘John & John’,  the news has  finally gotten to the original filmmaker and he is clearly not amused!
Kofi Asamoah of KOFAS Media came out to explain that his version was a remake if the original, but clearly it seems he didn’t seek for permission before making his version and Tim Greene has expressed his disappointment.
Pinning scenes from both movies together, the Cape Town born writer in a short post on Facebook described John & John as a “word-for-word rip off.”
“THIS IS INSANE! Turns out Ghana’s biggest movie this year is a word-for-word rip-off of our movie SKEEM!”
Kofi Asamoah’s movie did credit Tim Greene for screenplay when the movie showed at various cinemas and venues around the country when it was released but according to Tim  a remake fee should have been paid to the producers but that did not happen. He also made a shocking revelation that contrary to Kofi Asamoah’s assertion that he made contact with the owners of the movie, nothing of that sort materialized.

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Sue them sharply.

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watin corsign us