OMG! Jealous Woman Sets Boyfriend’s Apartment Ablaze With His Side Chic Inside (VIDEO)

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An enraged woman who had a disgorgement with her boyfriend, has set the man’s house ablaze with an older man trapped inside.
A video has shown the unbelievably harrowing moment a woman started a blaze in a home which ended up killing a 72-year-old man.
The horrifying video sees the woman set fire to a gas canister inside a house – sending it into a raging inferno in seconds.
Filmed on a mobile phone, the clip shows a woman smashing a window in the home, dousing the room inside in petrol and setting it ablaze. She then jumps backwards as witnesses are pushed back by thick smoke.
Moments later, firefighters arrived as huge flames engulfed the home.
According to Daily Star UK, family members of the suspect – who has not been identified or caught – say she started the fire after a row with her boyfriend, who lived at the home but was not inside.
But 72-year-old Willie Greer was inside the home in Milwaukee, US, when the fire was started.
He was tragically killed in the blaze on Friday night (June 16).
In the clip, the woman appears to be carrying a gas container, while brandishing a hammer.
Witness Jessie Hinds told Fox6 News she saw the woman banging on the windows to the home before grabbing a gas can from a garage.
She said: “She asks us ‘one of y’all got a lighter?’ And we were like, ‘no, we can’t help you with a lighter’.
“Then she takes the chair, throws the gas can in there and sets the house on fire.”
Jessie said other neighbours tried to kick down the pensioner’s door, but they were unable to save him.
Police continue to search for the suspect.
Family members of the unnamed suspect said they had urged her to hand herself in.
Neighbour Robert Neylon said: “I just hope they catch her, because she did wrong and she deserves to get punished for what she did.”
Piles of debris were seen sat outside the house in the aftermath of the deadly arson.
Watch the video below:

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I fear women
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because of manhood
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So some idiots are standing still watch her set the house ablaze?
Whites are something else.

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NUTCASE gidi ni eleyi sha..... Just kill that O'l man for nothing, which kind rage be that?
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too bad

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people gt mind ooo