Ali Baba To IG User Criticizing #BBNaija's TTT - Don’t Swallow Panadol For Another Person’s Headache

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Veteran comedian Ali Baba has responded to an Instagram user who criticized Big Brother Naija‘s TTT after he wished his wife a happy birthday on Instagram. TTT had shared a photo of his wife on her birthday, calling her his backbone.
A user had criticized him in the comments section, telling him:
“After messing with @iambisola on international tv, Abeg sit down.” TTT’s wife then replied the user, saying: “And you haven’t moved on because? Wish me well or shift and let others do so…”

Ali Baba shared a screenshot of the discourse, with the caption:
Remember I told you all marriages are not the same? The issues one partner in a marriage can tolerate, another will find it totally unacceptable. I also told you of the Auntie that advised her niece to move out of her matrimonial home when a lady got pregnant for him, just to teach her husband a lesson. She listened & moved out. 1 wk. 3 wks, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year. Na so marriage scatter. The marriage, that was not up to 2 years packed up. Then some years after, she attended the Auntie’s husband’s 70th, & at picture sessions she noticed a small boy join the nuclear family. Whose child is that? She asked. Answer was given to her in whispers. Auntie’s husband had fathered a child out of wedlock. AUNTIE didn't leave. Angered, She confronted Auntie & it fractured the family. Another strong feminist on Facebook, in 2005 or 6, can’t remember now, called a lady who said she was pregnant for a marriage man and didn’t know what to do, all kinds of names plus home breaker. Only to see her pregnant & it was for a Senator friend of mine. And I happened to know that the Senator was married. Come and see explanations. “It’s not like that. I found out after it happened. They were separated. He wanted to divorce her. It was nothing serious. We are in love. I am ashamed of myself, blah blah blah”. Trust me. I wrote about her hypocrisy. If you haven’t reached the bridge don’t cross it. Don’t count your chicks before they are hatched. Don’t swallow panadol for another person’s headache. Let the person wearing the shoe tell you where it pinches. That is why some people will continue to hold grudges against a partner in a relationship and the partners have made up and moved on. Is it your marriage?! Over sabi! If anything like that happens to me, & my wife decides to do anything, she is my wife. That’s ok. Why will you now carry it on your head even on her birthday? Mscheeeew. Oya, go and seek to dissolve the marriage na. As e dey pain you so! Wait ooo! How do you feel when people quarrel and you take sides. Then see them together after all your bad mouth? Mine is get upset. But move on. Just move on. Especially if the parties involved moved on.

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Good talk
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For All I Know; That Reality Show Is Purely Immoral, And No Good Xtian Should Engage In It.If They Do,they Might Become Hopeless At Last.Immorally Hopeless.
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Jump and pass
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Alibaba don coment Already
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Who cares