Nigerian Pastor, Sam Claims To Kill 'Evil Owl' Which Have Been Tormenting Man With Anointed Water

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A Nigerian Pastor, Bishop Dr. Sam Zuga has left many people in amazement after claiming that he used his 'anointed water' to kill an evil owl that was tormenting a young man every night for the past two weeks.
He took to Facebook to show photos of the dead owl and his anointed water which killed the evil animal.
He wrote:
“WORLD WONDERS WATER IS WORKING. The world wonders water that was unveiled on 7:7 7/7'17 by Bishop Dr Sam Zuga is proving it's efficacy. Listen to one of the testimony from the www on 17/7'17
This evil bird was tormenting this young man every night, for two weeks he was having sleepless nights, severe body pains and unable to pass stool though he was eating.
When it came to my notice, I told Bishop Dr Sam Zuga ( Jehovah's field marshal ) he instructed that I should use WORLD WONDERS WATER(www) I gave the man to drink and also sprinkle it at the window as I was instructed. Immediately, the man was relieved and this morning we found this evil bird dead at the window, we picked it and set it ablaze. Again world wonders water is working. To GOD be the Glory."

ruthie (f) at 17-07-2017 04:58PM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
christianity (m) at 17-07-2017 05:00PM
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he that woke up from the dream ad claimed tohave killed the devil in his dream dont need to be argued with cos u did ot dream with carry go,keep killing everything killable.
bayonel3 (m) at 17-07-2017 05:00PM
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poor owl, don't mind these ignorant, half baked, ignoramus, dark minded ppl who follow colonist religion. smh. wish I could avenge your death. black ppl chai...una dey always fall my hand. ordinary owl. anyways sha...
tegonwa (m) at 17-07-2017 05:07PM
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The owl looks evil indeed but how would we know it is truly evil?The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.So hopeless. Unanswerably hopeless!
Wazubia (m) at 17-07-2017 05:20PM
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bible says that shell not kill.
Bebold (m) at 17-07-2017 06:19PM
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I don't know if poverty can cause madness or madness cause poverty
benosky4 (m) at 17-07-2017 06:46PM
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Beautiful bird that God took His time to design Africa call it evil.
I wonder how much the bishop Dr....paid this yng man to act this play on fb.
-behind the scene- how much is the WWW, and where izit sold?

tommy70 (m) at 17-07-2017 08:30PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
euwilliams (f) at 17-07-2017 09:39PM
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For real? Or still fake pastors
gogoman (m) at 17-07-2017 10:11PM
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fake pastor
paulsmit (m) at 18-07-2017 08:15AM
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So many fake Pastors in Nigeria.  The Country of Nigeria is now a mess.  Lies, stealing, man made Vudus  and rituals killings innocent human-beings everywhere.  What else can you say about Nigeria. Nothing?
paulsmit (m) at 18-07-2017 08:15AM
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So many fake Pastors in Nigeria.  The Country of Nigeria is now a mess.  Lies, stealing, man made Vudus  and rituals killings innocent human-beings everywhere.  What else can you say about Nigeria. Nothing?