You dare not auction The Letter Tupac Wrote Me, Madonna Fires!

Published On: July 19, 2017, 6:52 am (3 years ago)
Author: Joy Asakula
Lol, correct! Madonna isn't gonna sit back and watch her jailhouse letter from Tupac get sold in an auction because she says it was jacked from her home.

She filed an emergency court order Tuesday in NYC to block the website from hawking the letter and a ton of other personal memorabilia - including personally worn panties.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Madonna says she was blindsided by the auction, and says she never knew some of these items were no longer in her possession. Madonna believes a former friend and art consultant, Darlene Lutz, betrayed her by taking the loot.

Tupac wrote an extremely revealing letter from prison explaining why he had to end his relationship with Madonna - because she was white and continuing the relationship would hurt his image. And now they want to auction the letter, but Madonna is asking- IS IT YOUR LOVE LETTER? Lol.


Posted: (3 years ago) at 19-07-2017 06:52 AM | Newbie
i wonder why she is holding on to it..but well,its hers
Posted: (3 years ago) at 19-07-2017 09:14 AM | Hero
Oh American Musicians, They Place Value On Everything They Do.That's Why They Sing Good Songs,do Great Concerts,live Good Lives And Even Write Wonderful Letters.I Have Read This Letter Written By 2pac.So Wonderful And Poetic,a Good Sign Of His Academic Intelligence.No Wonder It Is So Valued.Let It Be A Letter Written By Our Naija Musicians Or Rather Noisemakers,by Now It's Already In The Toilet.No One Values Grammatical Mistakes And Emptiness.So Hopeless Here.Horribly Hopeless.
Posted: (3 years ago) at 23-07-2017 10:14 AM | Gistmaniac