The court: His manhood is too small for me – wife

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“I have tried my best for this man over the years. I am convinced that he is not ready for me as his wife, that is why he is always looking outside… ” That exactly was the statement of an aggrieved house wife who is seeking dissolution of her marriage at Alakuko Customary Court.

Mrs. Olubunmi Olabiyi, 36, stunned the customary court last week when she said that her husband denied her sex. She blamed their marital problem on the size of her husband’s manhood and his attitude to sex.

According to her, she married Mr Sunday Olabiyi, two years ago, but he never satisfied her sexually.

She said jokingly that what can save the relationship from collapse was for the husband to have enough time with her and also perform very well in bed . She told the court that she was not ready to commit adultery that was why she decided to approach the court.

According to her, her husband also annoyed her by going after little girls despite the fact that she has been managing his inadequacies and other problems with maturity.

Revealing how they met, she said her husband met her through one of her friends who was also her neighbour. She said that the neighbour was from her husband’s home town, Ikire in Osun State. She confessed to the court that the major problem she had with her husband was his nonchalant attitude to her welfare and his inability to satisfy her sexually.

She also accused him of “looking outside rather than inside.”

Asked, if it was not her inadequacies that made the man to start looking elsewhere, she responded that she had always tried to do her best at home by “cooking good food for him and taking good care of him”.

She said that she had tried other options especially local medics to make her husband improve in sexual performance but all to no avail.

She asked for the dissolution of the marriage and that her husband should pay for her resettlement.

Responding, Mr Olabiyi told the court that it was only his wife who can tell the court, how best one can perform in bed. According to him, he never denied his wife sex whenever she asked for it. Besides, he said that he always took good care of his wife, including buying her clothes and feeding. He accused her of “having a hidden agenda.” He said she had made up her mind to abandon him for another man. The court fixed April 23, 2010 for judgement.

He beats me with horsewhip”

A middle-aged housewife, Mrs Sherifat Adegoke has informed an Alimosho Grade ‘B’ Customary Court, Lagos how her husband, Mr. Kazeem Adegoke has turned her into a punching bag. Narrating her ordeal, the aggrieved woman said her hubby takes delight in beating her silly with horsewhip (‘Koboko) at any slight mistake. The petty trader stated that her husband always reacted violently whenever she asked him why he got home late.

She also accused her husband of having an affair with the daughters of their landlord, and it annoys her.

She alleged that her husband encouraged her to make friends with their landlord’s daughters, for him to capitalise on it and befriend one of them.

Mrs Adegoke claimed she was ignorant of her husband’s motive until she met one of the girls in her bedroom discussing with her husband . She said she became furious and challenged them, but her husband and the lady, Joke pounced on her . She said: “What really baffled me was that the lady joined him in beating me and he used the horsewhip he bought on me”.

Sherifat who resides at 73, Abeokuta expressway, Adealu told the court that she met her husband in 2008 and they got married in 2009. Their union according to her was blessed with two children. She told the court that since she got married to Adegoke, she has never enjoyed peace, “especially now that the landlord’s daughter had hijacked him from me.”

She claimed that her husband started to beat her with belt, but later graduated to horsewhip. He always got angry whenever she asked him for money to take care of the family. She however urged the court to dissolve the marriage and grant her custody of the children since her husband had chosen to fall in love with the landlord’s daughter.

In his defence, Adegoke,42,who hails from Ibese, Egbado, Ogun State denied all the allegations and explained that he did not buy the horsewhip purposely for his wife, but to checkmate his colleagues who always played pranks on him.

Adegoke claimed that he had never given his wife problems, but it was the woman that made the matrimonial home uncomfortable for herself.

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I agree!! Total choatic bulshit
me remain small i fo marry sef if no b God strike thunder fo me head senses Shocked i fo don marry woman i no love...what im trying to say is make we marry if we dey sure say we go do everyhtin fo each otha cos dats what it is all about..
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I'm tired of reading

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Pure crap

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what nonsense
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eyya, let her manage him.
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*no comment*

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i live at alakuko. i will attend the court hearing
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Diz kain story sef...
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Stupid story
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Arrant nonsense
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bull shit
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everybody is complaining about dis post why?
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the manhood small but he dey fit use am satisfy other women outside
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Quote from: blings_is_back on  6-04-2010 01:29PM
everybody is complaining about dis post why?
The shit no make sense.
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Still on d matter!
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to where
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