Woman Shoots Off Her Husband Peen With A Gun After Catching Him Sleeping With Another Woman

at 4-08-2017 11:57AM (2 years ago)

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A Houston woman turned herself in to police after she shot and killed her common law husband when she caught him with another woman. Police say 58-year-old Debra Davis confronted 49-year-old Rodney Johnson at another woman’s southeast Houston home late Tuesday. Davis argued with Johnson in the driveway of his family’s home on Cathedral Drive near Wilmington in Sunnyside. Police say she recklessly aimed her gun at Johnson’s genital area and opened fire.
Johnson died later at a hospital. The other woman was present at the scene but she was not shot at. “His girlfriend came and she shot him because he’s messing around with women,” Johnson’s cousin Robert Johnson told KHOU. He added: “You know these things are love things.” Johnson and Davis lived together in an apartment in Missouri City but Johnson reportedly had trysts with other women in Sunnyside.
Police say Davis turned herself on Wednesday around 7 a.m. She was booked into the Harris County Jail and is awaiting arraignment. Davis is still legally married to another man but she is in the midst of a divorce, her divorce lawyer told KHOU.

OkeEyitayo at 4-08-2017 12:12PM (2 years ago)
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craziness. overreaction and temper has led her to commit murder and murderer is to be murdered
ruthie at 4-08-2017 12:43PM (2 years ago)
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haha..moral  ;Dof the story...men..keep it in your pants!!!!!
Starnixx at 4-08-2017 01:40PM (2 years ago)
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mama u bad oo apart from all d place na there u go shoot shai mama God is watching u oo
tegonwa at 4-08-2017 04:16PM (2 years ago)
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I Know I Won't Ever Marry A Woman That Has Her Kind Of Face.Too Hopeless.Nawaa O!
tegonwa at 4-08-2017 04:17PM (2 years ago)
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I Know I Won't Ever Marry A Woman That Has Her Kind Of Face.Too Hopeless!Nawaa O!
benosky4 at 4-08-2017 04:59PM (2 years ago)
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Shot Rodney in the rod.
I see why her husband is opting for divorce.
Radical woman.

merryufe at 5-08-2017 05:31PM (2 years ago)
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CHRISETTE at 6-08-2017 08:28AM (2 years ago)
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Too bad that's not enough to kill him