Young Nigerian Lady, Chineye Shares Ordeal That Almost Took Her Life A Year Ago- (See Details)

Published On: August 24, 2017, 12:27 pm
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Chinenye a young Nigerian Lady, has taken to Instagram to recount the ordeal that almost took her life a year ago.
She shared old and new photos of herself and thanked God that even though she watched people die, God still kept her.
She wrote:
“Unforgettable 17th Of June!!! I woke up today remembering how my whole life flashed before my eyes, a thousand things I would and wouldn’t have done swept through my mind in milliseconds while my body roasted on, the fire was everywhere. I looked at the cylinder and the burning waste bin beside it, I was horrified, I thought it was going to explode, I defenitely thought that moment was my last, … In my shock and fear I managed to unlock and run out from one of the jammed doors, still terrified, I couldn’t understand what just happened, it felt like I looked death in the eye and it looked away. I was numb.
Today marks ONE YEAR of the tragic GAS EXPLOSION that almost claimed my life
I am most grateful to God Almighty that I am not just Living but a Testimony. My everyday life is a testimony, my ability to breathe, talk, walk, see, hear, and do every other thing I can is a testimony.
I watched people die, but God still kept me, Grace kept me, I cannot begin to talk about my experience at the hospital, fear of not making it to the next day was all that filled the ward, fear of waking up to the realization that the person just beside you has passed away and you thinking you might be next was so intense, on many occasions I was going to give up, pain and fear was an everyday torment, but Mercy said NO. Instead, my experience made the Grace of an invincible God visible.
Recovery after the incident isn’t easy I must say. Being a liability and always dependent, feels just like my life is on hold. All sorts of uncontrollable emotions run through me, sometimes I’d feel depressed, lonely, abandoned, stranded, the list goes on and on, but the Bravest thing I ever did in this first tough 1 year is continuing my life even when i wanted to give up.
Life is Tough but I’ve got a God that’s Tougher, I’ll do my very best to remain Strong and Unbreakable”-

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I really thank GOD for ur wife
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Thank God for your life
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What a miracle, one needs to take time to visit the hospitals and see how people are in deep pains and how to assist, even little help can make a difference.
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Heiya Our God Is Good.Nawaa O!
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Praise be to God
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Eya, sorry about the story. This is a very sad story, glad you made it through