END TIMES: This Female University Student Rocked A Towel To Her Lectures In Bostwana (Photos)

Published On: September 30, 2017, 9:40 am
Author: MrJohn
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While some think it is fashion craze, others have argued that the University of Botswana student pictured below was probably late for a test or an exam and her closest option was rocking a towel to school.

Well, whatever her reason is, she really caused a stir today in her school and on social media. The photos below;

-- BournIdentity (m) at 30-09-2017 09:55AM
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Poster I beg make I hear word.., na wetin end here..?,, abi this one no beta pass Katie,,.. Kk and ....
-- crocatum (m) at 30-09-2017 11:28AM
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lets say, it started around the 1930s, when one author in the west, decided to write on sex liberation, he was not yet convincing, until the 1970, when the, what they call "the revolution began, which involved new music, drugs, hippy, and new style of dressing",  but what was the fruits of this revolution in our time, some say porn, others disagree and say we have moved over it, Although  there is an increased occurrence of  children adopting unappropriate lifestyle, increased occurrence of abortions, STD, it was even revealed that in the west STDs are more common in people of the ages from 16 to 24 approximately.
-- officynero (m) at 30-09-2017 11:30AM
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hope its for good reason
-- Dramaking (m) at 30-09-2017 12:39PM
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Smh... Well, virgins can neva behave like this tho. #Shame.
-- benosky4 (m) at 30-09-2017 01:18PM
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Just another bastard daughter of a biatch.

-- OkeEyitayo (m) at 30-09-2017 04:23PM
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Anything goes in Botswana
-- pricklong (m) at 30-09-2017 04:47PM
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they would have remove that  towel from her waiste
-- willyking (m) at 30-09-2017 07:15PM
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She nailed it... Grin
-- tegonwa (m) at 30-09-2017 07:49PM
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See Guys; No Reward For Laziness!Hahahahaha Puahahaha Poohpohahahaihaha!Very Hopeless!Nawaa O!
-- james987 (m) at 1-10-2017 01:43PM
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She even slay join... Make she kuku go school of design
-- CHRISETTE (f) at 1-10-2017 07:29PM
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Her life let her enjoy