“Women Want To Slap Us Back When We Slap Them” –Nigerian Model Appiah Disagrees With Gender Equality

Published On: October 18, 2017, 10:45 pm
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A Nigerian model sparked outrage online after he opposed gender equality because he believes that it will make women start returning their husband’s slaps.

Appiah Archibong wrote;

After a chat with my buddy, I disagree with women equality. A woman can never equal a man and must not be given a chance to. What women should be fighting for are respect and honour and not equality..
Why do women want equality?
Do they want to start paying our bride prices?
Do they want the capabilities of impregnating a man?
Do they want to slap us back when we slap them?
Do they want to rule over us like we rule over them?
Do they want to be king when they are suppose to be queen?
Do they want to be traditional rulers and parts of the council of elders?
Do they want to be heads of the family?
Do they want a total recognition in being the bread winner of the family?
We can’t let the rule of equality stand.
I am seeing equality leveling us up which means, a woman can own males slaves and order them around
I am seeing equality were a woman can no longer obey and see men as god
I am seeing equality sell the right of fatherhood to motherhood
I am seeing equality render men useless in decision making
I am seeing equality as end time decision where a woman can marry as many men as she desires..
The bible never spoke of equality but respect and honour on womanhood.
If a woman is allow to wash her husband’s underwear, then I see equality allowing a man wash a woman underwear.
I stand with inequality
The woman should remain in the second tier and must not be given liberty at equality.
I stand with Respct and honour womanhood and not equality.
Thank you

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you have taken it to another level nah

-- DeboNero (m) at 19-10-2017 08:15AM
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Bastard!! Must u slap her in d 1st place?
-- kixme (m) at 19-10-2017 09:01AM
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my brother you face looks slapable thats why they keep slapping you back whenever you even try to slap them they slap you first Undecided Undecided
-- divapero (f) at 19-10-2017 09:08AM
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I support you Mr. Appiah. African men must continue to slap their women as they want because men are the superior being. In this world people with power rule over those that don't have power. African men should not copy the whites by selling our rights to women in the name of equality. If we continue to do that then one day women in Africa will rule over men. We cannot allow this to happen because we are physically stronger than women and men rule this world both physically and in science. We must stop allowing the white men to influence our culture in the name of equality. If they want to sell their rights to women so be it, It is their own ways not ours. We must say no to brain wash by western countries. We must continue to slap women in Africa that disrespect us and we must continue to fight for men rights in Africa because we are stronger than women. We cannot allow the weaker sex to control us