Oh My! Senator President, Saraki Daughter's Wedding Said To Gulp Over N200 Million (Read Details)

Date: 20-10-2017 11:15 am (4 years ago) | Author: Bayo Nelson
- at 20-10-2017 11:15 AM (4 years ago)

High society is already agog as Senate President Bukola Saraki prepares for his daughter’s wedding while invitation cards and aso ebi make the rounds. Scheduled for October 21 and 28, and December 7 – 9, 2017, the nuptials of Tosin Saraki and Adeniyi Olukoya in Lagos, Ilorin and Abuja will easily cross over N200 million.
And here are some of the reasons the superlative ceremonies across three states will effortlessly leap over N200 million as compiled by encomium.ng:

1. This is first wedding in the Saraki household, and it’s happening when he’s Nigeria’s third citizen.
The two-time governor of Kwara and Senate President has not hosted any big event in his public life (apart from the funeral of his father in 2012). Being the number 3 citizen accords him enormous goodwill and patronage which will easily elevate the ceremonies.
Many will come to support the events, and all the money spent will not be from one or two purses. And since he’s Senate President, the support will be humongous and extraordinary.

2. The events are many and over two months in three states
Ilorin (Kwara), Lagos and Abuja (federal capital territory) will host the introduction, traditional engagement, registry, church, reception, party and more.
With all these ceremonies having cost centres as they entertain guests in thousands, the expenses are enormous.

3. The packaging for the invitation screams luxury and comes with free gele and cap
The invitation package alone – with different cards, aso oke gele and cap distributed free – tells a short story that good money will be spent.

4. Aso Ebi is N200,000
The N200,000 for special guests has set the tone for a party to beat. It hollers that gasp-inducing high society events are on our hands. And only the well-heeled are on the guest list.

5. There is an array of vendors and planners
From planners to caterers, decorators, musicians, comedians, masters of ceremonies, photographers and printers, a long list of those that elevate ceremonies northward are on the bill.
And with over five events, the cost is huge.

6. Eko Hotel is hosting one of the events
The number one most prestigious venue in Nigeria is hosting one of the events, and insiders claim that caterers will supplement the hotel’s meals. And that is an unusual concession. It’s also an expensive adventure.

7. More than five ensembles needed for the occasions
The couple and their families will adorn over five different ensembles – from traditional garbs to wedding attire.
These apparels will cost a sizeable sum. Then, there are the wedding bands and ring!

8. Pre-wedding preparations are top notch
There are many pre-wedding preparations, from photo shoots to brochure and wedding programme that will gulp good money.
The shoot will possibly be done abroad and there are publications to exhibit the pictures.
Count the classy programme for church and more.

9. It’s a 7-star affair
So, money is not even the object. Only 7-star treatment of guests who will take home expensive memorabilia apart from the heavenly time at the ceremonies.

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200 million budget for wedding? what is the total population of Nigeria?? Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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oh blood of god... nah Naija money be that oooo

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"a long list of those that elevate ceremonies northward are on the bill."

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My people. Why are you surprised. Don't you know that it will never be well with all our law makers? They make law and they break law. I say it authoritatively that they will never die peacefully, unless they change and repent. Help me say amen
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