Photo Of Actor Majid Michel Cradling Yvonne Nelson Baby Bump Has Gone Viral

2 years ago by: onuigbo felicia
-- (f) at 14-11-2017 03:20PM (2 years ago)

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Coming after Ghanaian movie star, Yvonne Nelson, went public with her pregnancy story , a photo of  her colleague, Majid Michel cradling her baby bump has emerged.

-- JOONEC (f) at 14-11-2017 03:51PM
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All of a sudden this girl started posting her pregnancy picture here and there after she has put to bed. why was she reserving them since and is she trying to tell us indirectly that Michael is the Baby Daddy?
-- gogoman (m) at 14-11-2017 06:25PM
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na hin pump her well well
-- kacylee (f) at 14-11-2017 07:18PM
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Gbam! we haf know the owner

-- ItaloBigBoSs (m) at 14-11-2017 07:19PM
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I see quadruplet inside that tummy.... 
When a lady is pregnant, all her friends touch her stomach and say "Congrats" But not one of them comes and touch the man's joystick and say "Well done"..   Moral: Hard work is never appreciated; only result matters... #copied# 
  Life is all about Movie, all man has his own role to play....  Based-on-Statistics..