Yvonne Nelson Baby Daddy's Ex, Keela Harrison Was Also a Husband Snatcher Who Married For UK Papers

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They whisper that Keela was already separated from Jamie before Yvonne came into the picture and argue that Karma is serving Keela cos she also snatched Jamie from his Original wife in her desperation for 'Pali' after she was chased out of Abuja by the wife of Chucks whom she almost married.
They whisper that her divorce is already through and that she is not happy that Jamie got himself a celeb and that is why she decided to do one last damage to what Yvonne and Jamie have going on...
They argue that she would not have uttered a word about her already crashed Marriage if Yvonne was not a celeb...
According to Insiders
''She Started working for CRBC (Cross River state broadcasting corporation) as a newscaster. Then moved to Abuja and got into AIT where she dated a Married man which almost went south. Then started dating Chucks and his wife called her out on Instagram and threatened her for driving his g-wagon around town and posing as his wife. She quickly left town after the epic disgrace and would later surface for her masters in the UK and in the bid to not return, she got married to Jamie whom she snatched.
She married Jamie but was still seeing that the Abuja guy cos Jamie could not fund her lifestyle...Jamie knew about all her runs and that was part of the reasons their Marriage packed up''

''Keela is a user too. This is her second marriage. Her first marriage was to some 'Americana' guy when she was in Unical..She was outed for double dating dating a  big politician and a big restaurateur. The politician was so upset that he threatened to pour her acid and She vanished from town with her blue golf car. She got married  but she left the guy because he could not fund her lifestyle''
''That's how Emma rolls. She's up for what she can do to make her life glamorous and she will do anything she can to get there. Some type of determination? Maybe. But she should stop acting like the victim. She needed the passport/ residency to pick up her lifestyle. She got it.  She's just 30 and she's had two divorces already. And i tell you we haven't heard the last of her''.

Their Conclusion?Yvonne Nelson did not Snatch Jamie the photographer as she was already going through a divorce when they met.

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Good riddance
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its called thief thief thief.. but why would Yvonne find herself in such nasty triangle

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my God sees as this white boy dey chop good africana food..    na wa ooooo
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the oyibo guy is crazy about slim tall girls