Nigerian Man, Benedict Soghie Calls Out ASKY Airlines Over His Missing Luggage Since September

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An aggrieved Nigerian has called out ASKY Airlines over his missing luggage since September 2017, which they have reportedly carelessly handled. According to Mr. Benedict Soghie, his luggage got missing during his journey back to Nigeria from Denver, U.SA.

He further revealed that his journey from Denver started with United Airlines, to New Jersey, Ethiopia and then to Lome where ASKY brought him down to Nigeria.

However while on transit at Lome, he was told that his luggage will be received upon his arrival in Lagos, but unfortunately this was never so. He only received 2 out of 3 luggage. He then made a complaint at ASKY’s head office in Lagos, initially ASKY allegedly agreed to look for the luggage, and then settled for compensation when they couldn’t find it.
Mr. Benedict however said they reneged on the compensation agreement, claiming that they are not the only airline involved in the case.

He further revealed that since September, it has been back and forth call from ASKY, as all their calls brought him to a futile search for his luggage, which they are carelessly handling with a turnaround position.

He also attached some repeated Email ASKY airlines sent him and the one he sent;

“Sir Benedict,
Everybody is still tracking your bag. We receive information this morning from ETHIOPIAN Airlines that one bag was found in EWR and they reply that this was forwarded to Lagos via American Airlines. They called the  passenger and after checking he said that it is not for him. Our partner ETHIOPIAN manager in Lagos will call you to get more information as this bag was never deliver to ASKY to be forwarded to Lagos.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience.
De : Benedict Soghie [mailto:[email protected]]
Envoyé : vendredi 17 novembre 2017 10:48
Objet : Re: Missing Luggage SINCE 27SEP2017 – REPEATED NOTICE”

“On Nov 16, 2017 9:09 AM, “Benedict Soghie” <[email protected]> wrote:
Madam Rosalie,
That my luggage did not get to my hand and you took delivery of my collection tag without adequate due diligence is not my fault. All i know is that you have my luggage and not Ethopia Airline and am claiming this from you. As i speak with you, this case has gotten to the Nigerian government and if further delay be taken, due sanctions will be melted.
You don’t play with professional matters and then you come telling me this after several months. From the federal officials and judicial system, we will have to settle with the fight i have always wanted to avoid.
Dr. Benedict Soghie”

“On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 7:09 PM, Rosalie ADJIWANOU-GABRIEL <[email protected]> wrote:
Sir Benedict,
I’m very sorry, I’m not all time in the office as I use to work some days at the airport.
I’ve just reply to the email you sent me this morning.
Thank you
De : Benedict Soghie [mailto:[email protected]]
Envoyé : mardi 14 novembre 2017 21:42


“Objet : RE: Missing Luggage SINCE 27SEP2017 – REPEATED NOTICE
Hello Madam Rosalie,
It’s becoming a deliberate and conscious decision to me with your silence. You haven’t spoken as regarding this matter neither have you made a comment on the proceedings but you have kept mute and not minding the pain this is causing me.
Am been pushed to take a decision which may not be favorable to both myself and Asky.
Dr.  Benedict Soghie”


“On Nov 12, 2017 5:28 AM, “Benedict Soghie” <[email protected]> wrote:
Madam Rosalie,
Your further silence is golden and certainly making me to draw a conclusion.  My mails are proofs and evidence of effort and patience I have given towards this.
I pose this before you, if your family were to be deprived what they hoped for and all of a sudden you are still further treat with disrespect would you like it?
Your position should expedite things but contrary is the feedback am getting .
This is the third mail after we last spoke. This is for the records.
Dr. Benedict Soghie “


“On Nov 7, 2017 3:29 PM, “Rosalie ADJIWANOU-GABRIEL” <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear Benedict Soghie,
Please once again accept our apologizes for all inconveniences you faced with your bag.
I am the person who settled the refund of the bag at the headoffice. But we need an approval from our headoffice and this is on process till yesterday afternoon. I‘m  doing all effort to get the authority and send an email to Lagos to credit your bank account or if you want somebody to collect the refund.
Once again, please it is a question procedure and we all are doing our best sort this out till tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
De : Benedict Soghie [mailto:[email protected]]
Envoyé : mardi 7 novembre 2017 13:46
À : Simon Oladimeji DAYO-MOBOLAJI
Cc : BAGAGE SERVICE; AWE Olufisayo Alaba; Rosalie ADJIWANOU-GABRIEL; Koudjo AMADAH; SHOBOWALE Yakubu; AWOMILUYI Oghenetega Helen; Binitte LARE
Objet : RE: Missing Luggage SINCE 27SEP2017 – REPEATED NOTICE”

“Mr Simon Adedayo,
I am writing to further express my displeasure and dissatisfaction with the ways things are been handled.
On Friday,  Mr Alaba Awe asked for my account details so as to clear this issue once and for all but am disappointed to see that as at today nothing has been done regarding payment.
I further called just to follow up but it seems am at the mercy of ASKY.
I am not accepting this level of to and fro. It’s unprofessional and unethical.
Dr. Benedict Soghie”


“On Nov 3, 2017 7:28 AM, “Simon Oladimeji DAYO-MOBOLAJI” <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear Mr Benedict
Thanks for your mail
I appreciate your patience and understand that you do not appreciate the delay in resolution of this issue
I’d like for you to understand that there are processes that must be followed internally to either find your  luggage or compensate your for its loss and these require some timeframe to do so.
We were also conscious of your plight, that was why twice, we made you offers which you were not ok with.
As it stands, rest assured that our team is not quiet about this issue and are giving it the utmost attention. I simply ask for a bit more time to ensure they revert to you with a final position.
I sincerely thank you for the patience. You are very important to us
Kind Regards,
Simon Adedayo MOBOLAJI
Country Manager, Nigeria
ASKY Airlines,
2nd Floor Former Skye Bank Building,
87 Allen Avenue,
Ikeja Lagos.
Tel: +234 816 987 1178″


“From: Benedict Soghie [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 03 November 2017 02:00
To: AWE Olufisayo Alaba
Subject: RE: Missing Luggage SINCE 27SEP2017 – REPEATED NOTICE
Without doubt the management and staff of ASKY are seeking for me to go public with my notice.
I have pleaded and spoken repeatedly, but with careful appraisal it seems my complaints and desired response is not been considered.
I am also writing to pose questions.
If the management of ASKY and Families of the work forces have had their families deprived of their expectations particularly a new born child been involved, would they appreciate this level of humiliation and deprivation?
Am been charged for decisions I really felt was not necessary.
Dr.  Benedict Soghie”

ruthie (f) at 6-12-2017 11:50AM
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seek redress from the courts and leave us alone!
cypanyahucha (m) at 6-12-2017 12:50PM
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Just take them to court and save youself from the stress. Not the only airline involved is immaterial. The first airline to take delivery of your bag should trace that.
osarobo62 (m) at 6-12-2017 03:12PM
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next time, take a more direct flight and have luggage insurance.....goodluck
BournIdentity (m) at 26-12-2017 01:35AM
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