WEIRD! Mum Takes Her Son To A Nightclub In Ibadan To Celebrate His Birthday (Photos)

Published On: December 7, 2017, 7:12 am
Mister Jay Wonder
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Woman Takes Her Little Son to Night Club to Celebrate his Birthday in Ibadan.

A Facebook user Queen Hulk Folashade is currently facing bashing from Nigerians, after she took her little son to a night club for his birthday celebration, and she shared the photos on her page..

See some reactions below;

Teddy TD - Some parents are the caused of their children being debauchery,,, how can children abstinence their selves from restraining into bad characters.,.,., small time now the little boy will be debauchery into sex, drnking alcohol,, takind drugs

Gabriel Godwin - Good one….when he will turn your house to brewery…. Hope gossip mill will also follow dey news!!! Wow what a good mother….

Mujeeb Bello - Theres nothing wrong in what she did to her son! If anyone condemned this woman, that means such person is broke or do not have a mum who appreciate him or her to that extent.

-- cypanyahucha (m) at 7-12-2017 07:29AM
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Madness. She will pay for this stupidity sooner than later.
-- ruthie (f) at 7-12-2017 07:56AM
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-- Haso112 (m) at 7-12-2017 08:20AM
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-- abrakata (m) at 7-12-2017 08:40AM
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This is the work of codine n refnon
-- maxzy277 (m) at 7-12-2017 09:10AM
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Typical Agbero Parents
-- itumopapa (m) at 7-12-2017 09:43AM
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Not right at all to take your child to a bar talkless of club. It's very bad of her to do that
-- felicilin (f) at 7-12-2017 09:59AM
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what kind of mother is this now hahah!! well birds of feathers flocks together
-- fineboy77 (m) at 7-12-2017 10:06AM
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the kid wasn't even enjoying all he was coached to do,that is not his fun for now,he would have preferred a get together with his mates by far.

-- benosky4 (m) at 7-12-2017 10:38AM
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she's having her fun to the expense of the kid's fun.
bad mother.

-- arusmu (m) at 7-12-2017 11:17AM
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Quote from: benosky4 on  7-12-2017 10:38AM
she's having her fun to the expense of the kid's fun.
bad mother.
   Na alaye woman what do u think of such person?
-- favourita (f) at 7-12-2017 12:04PM
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Useless woman Shocked instead of u to take him to church Tongue just see d kind life wey u dey teach ham, mad woman Tongue Idiot fellow Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- BournIdentity (m) at 26-12-2017 01:39AM
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Roll Eyes