Watch As Workers of Power Hydraulics Ltd. Were Forced To Take An Oath With Spiritualist Over A Theft

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We have obtained a shocking video in which workers of Power Hydraulics Limited, a Unilever distributor located on the Kasoa Ofaakor new market road, were allegedly forced to take an oath with a spiritualist,  following a theft incident at the company.

The company is said to have suffered many theft issues in recent times, and management has always believed that it is an insider who helps the thieves to come and steal from the property.

Staff of the company say they have worked for over 2 years without any recognizable security service on ground, and therefore must not be held accountable for lapses in security which result in theft.

Recently, there was another theft case where thieves broke into one of the company trucks, which was supposed to go out on delivery the next morning. According to a source, after the incident, the director allowed his brother to bring in a spiritualist to come rain curses on all staff, and forced everyone to swear an oath.

So is a cooperative institution allowed to force staff to swear such oaths and go through such a spiritual exercise? Share your thoughts.

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-- kacylee (f) at 19-12-2017 09:25PM
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this is serious ooo... i would never do it, whatevjavascript:void(0);er would happen should happen, for what nah

-- Haso112 (m) at 19-12-2017 11:50PM
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SERIOUSLY...?  Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
-- willyking (m) at 20-12-2017 02:06AM
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If only that will bring the lasting solution to good we are african, how i which politician where allowed to take a aoth before acceding any office may be things would have been better by now...may be we would knew by now what buhari have been doing with recoverd loot..or spiritual beeze will gather on is manhood and bite him very hard ontil he start saying what he is doing with the money..
-- ebuatuegwu (m) at 20-12-2017 06:32AM
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If this happened in Naija why is she speaking in Ghana ?
-- ruthie (f) at 20-12-2017 08:59AM
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-- BournIdentity (m) at 26-12-2017 07:23AM
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