SMH! Two Months After Her death Alongside Her Lover, Housewife’s Second Boyfriend Dies Mysteriously

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A 35-year-old Disc Jockey (DJ), identified as Femi, has died after initially escaping death a few weeks ago, for allegedly sleeping with a housewife, Mrs. Promise Clement.
A few weeks ago, Promise died alongside another man, Lukmon Olowo, believed to be her lover, inside a Toyota Corrola car behind the headquarters of the Area G Police Command, Ogba, Lagos State.
They were both partially naked. It was reported that Lukmon and Promise died in the car after making love. Many, including Promise’s husband, knew that Femi, a married man with kids, was having an affair with his wife.
When Lukmon died, members of the community where Promise and Lukmon resided, claimed that Promise’s husband said that the death was not meant for Lukmon. The husband reportedly said that Femi was the target.
Although Femi escaped death then, it was not for long. Femi, a father of three, went to an RCCG event at Bintu Street, two weeks ago for a service. He was said to have collapsed inside the church after he bent down to pick something.
When Femi’s father heard of the incident, he made a beeline for the hospital and asked that his son be discharged. He reportedly told the hospital: “What ails my son is not a medical issue.”
In an interview, a resident said:
“I suspected that Femi’s death was caused by Promise’s husband, who had before the first incident, warned Femi several times to stay away from his wife.
In fact, when the first incident happened, Femi told some of us that the trap that Lukmon fell into, was meant for him.” .
The late Lukmon’s brother, also said: “
When the incident happened, Promise’s husband said that he thought it was Femi who died.
We were still at Area G Police Command when Promise’s husband brought Femi’s phone out of his late wife’s handbag. It was then we knew that the late Femi was dating Promise.”

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Death smiling
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Hmmmm why do most guys dis days love sleeping with married women why single 're roaming around looking for husband ....ok everyday for the thief one dey for the owner...there is what we called law of carma so be warned.
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Those on the line should be warned.
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The woman sef na giver,make no man blame other men when him himself comot go marry prostitute put for house,if men no hunt prostitute, prostitute go hunt men. From femi to another ones. How about the ones wey chop clean mouth. The ones wey carry the woman for head na dem go down so. Mr husband you for simply divorce your wife as na pro she be,you for let her live to see you marry another woman upgrade life move on. God dey Sha.
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na wa ooooo, this is serious ooo

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As quoted from the Ten Commandments that “ Thy shall not kill”. Why would a man kill his fellow human beings because of a woman. The best thing to have done was to walk out of the marriage. Now the blood of the three is upon your head to account to before the Lord. May God forgive you but this is too much. 
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