My Tribal Marks Almost Drove Me Into Committing Suicide- Nigerian Lady

Published 2 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
at 4-02-2018 02:02PM (2 years ago)

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A Nigerian fashion designer identified as Epaz on Instagram, has revealed how her tribal marks almost drove her to committing suicide.

According to her, she was bullied during her school days and also had her first boyfriend who impregnated her at 21, all because she felt she was ugly.

Read her post below;
“Gone are these things; there had been cases where I wanted to commit suicide due to inhibition in educational pursuits due to my tribal marks.

When many people say they find my tribal marks repulsive. Even in my school days , they called me all sorts of names because of the severe tribal marks my dad put on my face.
I had my first boyfriend at age 21. (My baby father) all because I considered myself to be the ugliest girl in the world. Chai !!! One of the greatest thing that has happened to me was getting educated and my ability to communicate in fluent English language otherwise it would have been disastrous for me, so disastrous!!! Some people when they see me they assumed I am uneducated and start saying they pity me, I shake my head sadly then.
Some years ago all I felt was resentment towards my parents for giving my siblings and I such scars in the first place.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve been embarrassed by them.
At a time I have to lower the standard of the kind of husband i would have loved to marry but I have a daughter now and cared less about settling down.
phyukboys available Abeg I won’t let these deep horizontal marks on my face hindered me from getting anything I wanted.

I’m so over it now because I gat no time for pity party for myself again. I love how you all ginger me to be bolder and love myself just the way I am, tribal marks or no tribal marks.
Impacting lives and Money making is my new hobby now.
Mi ó rayè gbègírí gbongbon. #tribalmarks #africanqueen #girlwithtribalmarks #ondochic #selflove #africa #nigeria #instaculture #instalove #blonde #blacklipstick #beadedchoker #femalehustler #singlemom #photolover #photography #beautiful“

fineboy77 at 4-02-2018 02:17PM (2 years ago)
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Its good to console yourself,I understand

arusmu at 4-02-2018 04:22PM (2 years ago)
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you are not serious triba or no triba you will be married dont comitte your self guys are there to give what you want you are ok even the once that sell pepe get husband talkless ur type you try sha
slimber at 4-02-2018 05:34PM (2 years ago)
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Chaiii sorry take heart
kacylee at 4-02-2018 07:52PM (2 years ago)
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ur make-up isnt helping issues sef

SOGaiya at 4-02-2018 10:18PM (2 years ago)
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Its normal
gogoman at 4-02-2018 11:35PM (2 years ago)
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if they bully u bully dem
xspraise at 5-02-2018 08:28AM (2 years ago)
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girl seriously this your tribe marks no be here oo, you fight with lion? na question ooo

ruthie at 5-02-2018 09:42AM (2 years ago)
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