Lady Who Died Alongside Ghanaian Pop-star, Ebony Reigns Revealed To Be Her Lesbian Partner (Photos)

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A popular social media enthusiast and blogger alleges that the lady who travelled and died with Ghanaian dancehall artist, Ebony, was her lesbian partner.
According to Mandynews, the ladies had always been on the radar of some persons suspecting them to be associates in the same-sex act.

She wrote;

A friend of mine Dango Emmanuel was telling me just this morning that, he highly suspects that the lady with whom Ebony died is her lesbian partner.

So as a blogger, I should write on it… I refused simply because I have a strong traditional belief that ”we don’t spread lies about dead people”. We have thence being debating on the issue, Dango made known his honest observations for the past one year and why arrived at that conclusion…but still I was hesitant to write on it.
It appears the girl who has been identified as Franky is the man in this relationship.

Moreso, what made me believe was that Ebony despite her ‘immoral nature’ has never opened up on who her boyfriend is…as a ‘spoilt girl’ (as that’s how we see her) of her caliber should sure have one she sleeps around with.

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She went further to say;

Mind you, Ebony confessed herself that she really really loves s*x. As if that wasn’t enough, Ebony is always around this Franky lady…and Franky always dress like a man.

And you and I very well know what it means when two ladies are soooo close…with one dressing like a male?

The end of all this whole story is…

Mandynews has gathered information by a source who claims to be in the known that, the lady who traveled and died with Ghanaian dancehall artist, Ebony, was her lesbian partner. According to the source, the girl called Franky Kuri is a known lesbian in town–and her for some months now, she has been in a low key relationship with Ebony.

The source said: “Ebony probably was a bi-s*xual as she was in a relationship in Kuri, a known lesbian.”

According to some sources, Franky Kuri attended secondary school at Holy Child School in Cape Coast where she graduated in the year 2008 and her colleagues then at school had revealed to the blogger that she was indeed a lesbian.

kenkenkelly (m) at 10-02-2018 01:06PM
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They should go and answer God
smart61 (m) at 10-02-2018 01:20PM
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Although she is dead now but I believe the story because after her death nobody is seeing the boyfriend crying or being interviewed. It is very obvious ebony,s partner was a lesbian.
CHRISETTE (f) at 10-02-2018 03:08PM
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Nawaoo why are they saying this things about a dead person cowards
fineboy77 (m) at 10-02-2018 03:51PM
(10155 | Hero)

suspects.....nuff said

cypanyahucha (m) at 10-02-2018 03:57PM
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To heaven or hell?
xspraise (m) at 10-02-2018 07:48PM
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chai! sisters where una dey go now after death? well na only God have d final say

slimber (f) at 10-02-2018 08:03PM
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Let the dead rest biko and leave her to God
Markeve (f) at 10-02-2018 11:18PM
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don't judge d dead biko rip to d victims.
gogoman (m) at 11-02-2018 02:39AM
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ruthie (f) at 12-02-2018 04:59PM
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if this is real...candidate for hell