Published On: February 15, 2018, 12:55 pm (2 years ago)
Author: Akpeko
The Okpe dream must be actualized the Okpe separation from Urhobo must not be neurtralized the world is fast approach changing day by day and i urge every enligible Okpes, youths, women,girls, boys and children to stand and be courage for Okpe Unity and support the pullout of Okpe from Urhobo.

We have much greater autonomy as a single tribe than Urhobo and we must stand to Unite ourselves. I know that some Okpes will be so angry to see ths post and some will even go ahead to call me an infidel but i have a dream that this world and Nigeria will soon change completely and we must stand on our own and be a single tribe because for sure history have proved that we were only bounded with the Urhobos through marriage.

Okpe was never Urhobo if not for British Mis-interpretation of the tribes in the Western coast of the Niger Areas. I am not trying to be tribalistic but we the current generation of Okpe wants to correct the error that was made by the British which has isolated our ancestors and even the current generation due to their wrong and misinfromed catehorization of Okpe.

I beg every meaningful youth of Okpe to support this great vision for we are about to pull out from Urhobo by the grace of God and no enemies or devil, no politicians can stop us because this is a year of chabge and even though we failed this time that does not mean we will fail next time around.

I am proud to be a Okpe and i stand and support the Okpeexit from Urhobo.


Victory Omoefe

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