Why I Quit Music To Become A Pastor – "Fimile" Crooner, Kas Reveals

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Nigerian musician, Kas, has revealed why he quit the music industry in the latter of 2017 to become a pastor.

This shocked so many of his fans, but he has come out to explain why he decided to become a man of God.

Vanguard reports that the singer, however, described himself as a prostitute while explaining how he transited from the music making craft to the altar.

Kas said:-

“Yes, I’m receiving the anointing from the Holy Spirit, real talk, it’s no joke. I don’t know when people will believe I’m saying the truth.

The thing is when you have been called people find it hard to believe. I’m an ashawo musician, I’m not an afro-beat artiste; I always say it that I’m an ashawo musician.

“When I was 7-years old I made a covenant with God that if He can make me a popular musician, in return I will serve Him. God did his part and I became a popular musician but in return I was running.

“Six pastors at six different times told me that I’m supposed to be a pastor. After a while my mom told me that if God really called me He would reveal Himself to me in a dream.

It was like a joke but God later revealed Himself to me and I saw everything from the beginning of the ministry to what it would end up being”.

Speaking on if he would maintain the kind of lifestyle he led before becoming a minister of God, he said, “There is a chapter in the Bible where Jesus went to Mathew, the tax collector’s house. And going to his house is like going to a strip club.

People criticized Jesus for going to a place like Mathew’s house because it was a place of sin. But Jesus told them he came to the world to die for sinners and not the saints, a reason went there.

“If Pastor Adeboye goes to a bar or a club today, I guarantee you that more than 20-people would follow him, wanting to give their lives to God.

As a pastor, preaching all the time in your church is not the real calling. A church is a group of people not the physical building.

“I dare Pastors Adeboye, Ashimolowo, Okotie, Oyakhilome, and others to go to bars or clubs and preach, the people will give their lives to Christ even more than when you just tell them to come to church and give tithes else you will die. It’s a lie, if you don’t pay your tithe you won’t die”.

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Hmmmm.... So deep
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Okooo fake pastors
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oh really he is now a pastor Huh? na wa oooo, God can  se anybody ooo

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All for money
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If God really called you,stop running and answer sharperly

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Pray that GOD will not call you because people that GOD called end up in the grave, six feet under the ground...
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nice talk.