Model, Ekaterina Arrested In Dubai After Jumping From Hotel Room While Trying To Escape A Rapist

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A Russian model is “in custody” in Dubai after she jumped from the sixth floor of a hotel room to flee a man who was trying to rape and kill her, it was claimed. Ekaterina Stetsyuk, 22, broke her spine when she miraculously survived the fall which happened after she refused to have sex with a “foreign man”, she told friends.

Her mother claimed the model was threatened with a knife at her throat by an American businessman. But her alleged attacker has made a counter claim against her, telling police in the emirate city that she attacked him and he was defending himself.

Ms Stetsyuk is “in custody” in her hospital bed – where she released a video to reassure her family – after suffering several crushed vertebrae, according to a friend. Friend Irina Grossman said: “To save her life and dignity, she jumped from the sixth floor. She survived by a miracle.
“Her spine is broken, several vertebras [sic] were crushed.  “She cannot walk or move by herself, but doctors are giving good forecasts because her spinal chord is intact.”

Ms Stetsyuk, from Irkutsk in eastern Siberia, was told her alleged attacker was detained at the airport as he tried to flee Dubai. He faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted. But during interrogation he made allegations against the model which led also to her being detained in her hospital bed. Speaking from her hospital bed, Ms Stetsyukrecorded a video to reassure her mother, saying:
“I am doing well, do not worry about me. People from the (Russian) consulate visited.“My surgery was postponed. We’ll see how it goes.
“All will be fine, do not worry. (Friend’s name) has come to see me, all ok.“All is fine mummy, I love you. Kisses. I have got everything.”

Gocha Buachidze, the Russian Counsel in Dubai, said:
“We are thoroughly studying the situation around Russian citizen Ekaterina Stetsyuk and we are providing all necessary support to her.
“The investigation is in progress. The Consulate cannot give any more details of the accident due to the request of the citizen herself.”

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This Russian girls dey sabi fine sha. And you American businessman, why would she jump from the sixth floor after attacking you? Your story holds no water. And why did u try to flee.
-- ruthie (f) at 20-03-2018 12:18PM
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this is what you get when you are not careful.
-- cypanyahucha (m) at 20-03-2018 12:39PM
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This judgement is coming from the pit of hell.
-- Mashbol (m) at 20-03-2018 02:31PM
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I need the truth.
-- slimber (f) at 20-03-2018 05:05PM
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More details please
-- james987 (m) at 20-03-2018 06:47PM
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All those Arab areas na always woman fault and always counter reaction dey follow suit.. The name of her country sef na em make them dey consider some kind things. Wait ooo Ekeate na international name sef.. Okon come see ooo
-- fineboy77 (m) at 20-03-2018 06:51PM
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This is a no brainer,why will she jump almost to her death if she was the aggressor?