Nigerian Lady Cries Out As Her Internet Boyfriend Is Threatening To Post Her N00d Photos

at 21-03-2018 06:38PM (2 years ago)

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As posted on a group on Facebook, a lady is being blackmailed by a man who she sent her Noods photos.

According to the lady, the man is requesting her to do a Nood video and send it to him or else he’ll release the Nood photos he has of her.

The lady who feels the man stays abroad has gone intimate with the man to the extent of sending him her Noods cause she forsees a relationship with him. Unknown to her the man stays in Onitsha, Anambra State.

See The Post below:
I wish to advise our young ladies, especially those who don’t use ear to hear he stays abroad, please stop sending your Nood pictures with your face fully bared on it to any man. Stop sending Noods under whatever disguise. Some ladies are very very smart such that they will never send their Noods to anyone, not even their husband. I don’t even know what your Noods are doing in your phone in the first place let alone sending them out to someone. For what kwanu bikonu? I have a very intimate offline friend who I chat dirty with on WhatsApp but one of our red lines is that no one should ever ask the other for Noods. When I’m drunk chatting and ask her for Noods, she will tell me No, Never! When my eyes clear and I saw that I requested for Noods, I will apologize and thank her for not obliging me.

A lady chatted me in the morning for help. She is well known among us, She was jubilating thinking she has caught a South African based husband on Facebook not knowing the guy is at Onitcha chatting her with a foreign number. Out of ignorance coupled with desperation, she sent her full face Noods, not Nood but Noodssssssssss to him. Now the guy is threatening to leak her Noods online if she doesn’t oblige to video call naked.
Kindly read the attached screenshot and learn young ladies. Do not send your Noods to anyone especially people you don’t know in real life. Don’t be among the victims of the bad side of social media.
Thank you!

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proly at 21-03-2018 06:46PM (2 years ago)
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Let her not send no video because the guy will also use it against her
Makodama at 21-03-2018 07:27PM (2 years ago)
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What in the world is spelt as nood?To make matters worse you added letter 'S' on it.Is that how you use the plural form?
gogoman at 21-03-2018 07:31PM (2 years ago)
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the guy dey mad!!  make he shows the pics na.. bosom  pic is nothing
fineboy77 at 21-03-2018 09:27PM (2 years ago)
(10071 | Hero) (m)

dont trust easily on the internet,safer not to trust at all

slimber at 21-03-2018 10:10PM (2 years ago)
(12070 | Hero) (f) story
SOGaiya at 21-03-2018 11:04PM (2 years ago)
(5469 | Gistmaniac) (m)

another victim of social media mafia club
trulyval at 22-03-2018 11:46AM (2 years ago)
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SHe should go to the police, SARS preferably with evidence. May cost her some, but wud prevent the leak.
ruthie at 22-03-2018 11:55AM (2 years ago)
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these girls will never learn..any man asking for your Nood pixs is a scum of the earth.
nature7888 at 22-03-2018 04:29PM (2 years ago)
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Madness, some ladies will say he is different all dos nonsense, girls won't learn and most guys won't change. Y send your Noods to a stranger. you want him for a serious relationship and u ve started sending Noods. how do u think he will respect you. Madam no worry, let him send so you can get done with it once and for all. But learn from this one.