Actress, Georgina Onuoha Reveals The Horrible Things Her Ex-Husband’s Family Did To Her

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Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha who is celebrating the 11th birthday of her first daughter, revealed the treatment she endured from her ex-husband’s family when she was pregnant with the girl.

According to her, her ex-inlaws persecuted her because she was an actress and said their brother will never marry her.

When she eventually had her kids, she claims they told her her children will be bastards.

She added that they threatened to kill her and constantly sent assassins to her home.

They even went as far as dragging her to the police station.

Sharing the picture above, the actress wrote;

“Lord I am humbled.Thank you for your many blessings upon her life. Lord you favored me and blessed me with the most gracious daughter in the household of the igwegbe’s. Despite the many battles from the enemies of Igwegbe’s household, you showed me mercy and gave me strength. I became a mom in the midst of a raging storm“ . I was threatened constantly that “you will never marry my brother, you will never be a mom, you will be barren, i will kill you, I will rather die than have you bear my brother kids or step your foot in my father’s house , you and your children will be bastards”. For no just cause.. Simply because I was an actor, I was dragged to every police station in Lagos, assassins were constantly sent to my home. I was shamed on every national News paper/tabloids like a common thief and was made an object of caricature because I was in love with your father as he did me. My crime was wanting to settle down like every other young woman. Through it all, I remained silent and pleaded my case before God. You o lord covered my shame and gave your final judgement. You blessed me with Chigozie and it’s been endless blessings since then. Lord continue to silence every roaring lion and enemies of our household. May every stone thrown at us be the solid rock upon which we build our foundation. May your grace never depart from her for she brought me comfort, peace and many blessings. Continue to protect her from all who have been fighting tirelessly to deny her her due place in her father’s home and the joy of growing up with her father like every girl deserves. Chigozie Being your mom was the best Job I ever had and continue to do till the day I close my eyes in perfect peace. I ?you child of mine.
Happy 11th Birthday Nicole Huh?Huh?Huh?
We love you and are proud to be your parents Huh??

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One side of the coin

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You don't need all this social media drama bcos you have moved on.
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Touching story
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Na only d one wey dem do, wetin u do too Huh? Huh?
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Hmmm.... Thank God u said the loved you too.... wanted asking if it's a do or die matter?
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Story dat touches d heart