SLAY QUEENS!! Their Expensive Lifestyles, Love For Parties, Taste In Men & Much More (Photos)

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These days, slang terms get more and more confusing. For instance, what exactly is the meaning of slay queen? Who qualifies as a slay queen? Let’s talk about the slay queen meaning and how to figure out that someone is a slay queen.

If you are familiar with modern slang, you might have heard of the word ‘slay’ being used in a figurative way. If you say that someone is slaying, it usually means that they are doing a very good job and, if it is a competition, destroying their competitors by being so much better.

When it comes to the term ‘slay queen’, one would think that it also has a very positive connotation. After all, saying ‘slay, queen!’ as an exclamation is a form of encouragement. So slay queen has to be something good, right?


These days, many people in Africa, especially in Nigeria and Kenya, use the term ‘slay queen’ to describe a woman that likes to show off her luxurious lifestyle even if she lives in the poorest neighbourhood and struggles to stay on her feet.

The Internet is full of slay queen images. 21st century is the perfect era for slay queens, as they can use Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/Facebook/etc. to tell the whole world about the expensive things they do not even own.

You might be surprised, but this type of behaviour is actually not unique to women. Slay kings also exist and behave almost in the same way as slay queens do, with minor adjustments for gender. We will not get too much into the details; it is just so you know that women are not the only ones who engage in this kind of behaviour.

So how can you tell for sure that someone is a slay queen? Continue reading and find out!

Most of the time, slay queens are quite two-dimensional beings with little to no depth to them. They all look, dress and behave in same ways. This makes it fairly easy to tell them apart from the general population (but not from one another). Here are seven characteristics that can describe a slay queen.


Your typical slay queen never leaves home without makeup on. She can show up to the corner store in the middle of the night wearing a full face of makeup and, most likely, a pair of high heels. Heels and short tight dresses is what slay queens love most.

However, the fact that slay queens wear makeup all the time does not mean that they are good at it. In real life, a slay queen might not even be able to match the colour of her neck to the shade of her face. Nevertheless, almost all of them are experts at using retouching apps and software.

Their selfies that they post so frequently on social media are facetuned so hard you will probably never recognise them on the streets. If you somehow manage to catch one of them without any makeup on, do not be too shocked by the striking difference between what you see before you and what they post online.


One of the most definitive traits of queens of slay that distinguishes them from the others is their love for expensive things and luxury. They will go out of their way to snap a picture in or around a lavish car, with a bottle of pricey alcohol or in five-star hotels.

Despite her love of all things shiny, a typical slay queen cannot afford most (if not all) things she takes pictures with. She usually achieves her cool shots by using the social position of her friends or of her ‘bae’. A queen of slay might also go into an expensive shop just to try something on, take a picture of herself in it and leave.


Almost every slay queen is a party animal. Every weekend, or sometimes even during the week, you can see her at the fancy bars, clubs and other similar places dancing on her ridiculously high heels, drinking a colourful cocktail by the bar or drunkenly stumbling in or out of a cab.

If you are (un)lucky enough, you might even catch a whole flock of them, huddled together with their lips pursed and selfie hands outstretched in search of the best selfie angle and lighting. If a club has a resident photographer, you can be certain that they will be in all of the pictures from the night’s events.


A slay queen cannot live without her social media. After all, how else would the world know about her awesome life if not for Instagram, Snapchat or other social media platforms?

95% of slay queen’s Instagram profile is pictures of her. Mirror selfies, beach photos, club pictures, you name it. Every minute of her life has to be documented, so the remaining 5% is photos of food and other random things.

The poses slay queens usually take in their photos are unnatural and uncomfortable, as they have to gather in their stomachs, curve their legs and jut out their chests and behinds. They think they look good, but more often than not, they look utterly ridiculous.

Even if you cannot yet see a slay queen approaching, you can hear her from a mile away. Slay queens have a very weird way of talking, so it is often hard to comprehend what they are saying. Their language is littered with filler words and expletives, and even the way they pronounce certain vowels is weird. Just so you know, ‘whatever’ is one of their favourite words.

When slay queens are writing, they use lots of hashtags and do not pay much attention to their grammar. Nevertheless, some of them even have the audacity to correct others in order to seem smart.


Now, when it comes to smarts, an overwhelming majority of slay queens have little to offer in this department. If you find yourself in a conversation with one of them, prepare to be amazed at the ignorance some people can possess.

However, not all of them are stupid. Some might just be playing dumb to get the attention. Some girls are actually incredibly smart, because they are able to get an insane amount of followers on social media and then just live off sponsorship deals and gifts from gullible men

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Okooo seen and thanks
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OK ohhhh poster now I know Slay queen and king....
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Now I know
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What do you expect from empty heads trying to belong,  no wonder they were often been used for money ritual,  it's a pity that one no longer cut his coat according to the material at hand
EDDYPRINCE at 10:02 AM, 15/04/2018 (9 months ago)
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slay mama's nkor
EDDYPRINCE at 10:30 AM, 15/04/2018 (9 months ago)
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Slay Ass and Slay Papa
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slay queen is simply the modern term for olosho
blowout at 12:30 PM, 15/04/2018 (9 months ago)
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Quote from: fineboy77 on 12:15 PM, 15/04/2018
slay queen is simply the modern term for olosho
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all too correct!!!!
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Hello Sweetheart,
follow the link to join

(Please you most be 18+)

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