Why It Is Difficult For Women To Leave Abusive Relationships But Easy To Leave Broke Men ?- Praiz

2 years ago by: CLARA JANCITA
-- Online (f) at 22-05-2018 12:25PM (2 years ago)

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Nigerian singer, Praiz asked this very interesting question on twitter. He said, 'Why is it difficult for women to leave abusive relationships but easy to leave broke men?

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Why is it difficult for women to leave abusive relationships but easy to leave broke men ?

-- ruthie (f) at 22-05-2018 12:43PM
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madness....plus the D....is good..... Grin Grin
-- chukkychukky (m) at 22-05-2018 01:30PM
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why ppl dey complain say der business money no dey am but dem no wan quit

-- nature7888 (m) at 22-05-2018 02:43PM
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Hmmmm. reasons best known to dem
-- Mykie010 (m) at 22-05-2018 02:45PM
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Quote from: ruthie on 22-05-2018 12:43PM
madness....plus the D....is good..... Grin Grin
spoilt woman
-- jacklyn111 (f) at 22-05-2018 02:45PM
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Broke Men Are Poor, They Depend On Their Women For Money... Tongue

Abusive Men Are Rich, But Very Aggressive Huh?

Women Always Thought Money Is Everything Until The Man Kills Them And Marries Another Goat:: Smiley  Roll Eyes
-- ruthie (f) at 22-05-2018 02:53PM
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sharrap....how you know what the D...IS FOR? SPOILT MAN
Quote from: Mykie010 on 22-05-2018 02:45PM
spoilt woman
-- gogoman (m) at 22-05-2018 04:57PM
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ask dem ooo
-- fineboy77 Online (m) at 22-05-2018 05:01PM
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check am na

-- osarobo62 (m) at 22-05-2018 05:06PM
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when you are broke, women know your bargaining power and chances of scoring other women is low.
when you are abusive and maybe well hung and your pocket is full of greens, women know you can easily attract others female folks....they won't drop you easily
-- slimber (f) at 22-05-2018 05:13PM
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If you asked me nah who I go asked
-- Asterimou (m) at 23-05-2018 12:31PM
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Nigerian women are greedy. They will rather die in a rich man’s abusive house than leave him.