Football Academy Owner, Achidume Arrested For Allegedly Shaving Teens Pubic Hair For N100 In Lagos

Published On: May 29, 2018, 7:43 am (2 years ago)
Author: success Xenab

Emotions ran high, yesterday, at the Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja, following revelations by five children between ages 11 and 15 years of how hairs on their armpits and private parts were shaved by owner of a local football academy, Victor Achidume during training.

One of the victims, an 11-year-old, said the accused shaved his pubic hair six times and usually gave him N100. The alleged activity of the owner of the football academy, identified simply as Victor, was suspected to be for ritual purpose.

The bubble burst after one of the boys, aged 11, whose pubic hair was allegedly shaved by the suspect and had begun to emaciate without being sick, opened up to his parents. Consequently, the matter was reported to the Police and the 43-year-old man was arrested.

 According to the Junior Secondary School 1 student, “the last time he shaved the hair on my armpit and private part was on May 9.

“We do not belong to his team. We met him during a football match and he invited us to his house. He used to talk about football to us and he used to dash us N100 or N200. “He told us to be coming to his house every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I went with my friends the first time. He asked me if I had shaved my armpit and private part before and I said no. He shaved it and gave me N100.”

 On his part, another victim, aged 15, said: “The first day he saw me, he asked if I was at puberty stage, I said no. He said he wanted to check. And asked if I have shaved it before and I said yes. “He said I should not worry, but that my friends said they have not shaved theirs before.

The man shaved my friend’s hair six times and he shaved the other’s armpit twice. “He told us that no one should know he usually asked such questions. He did it in his house at Alagba Estate.”

This is ingratitude; they’re too young to have pubic—Suspect

However, when the suspect was approached, he said: “These kids are not even in my team. They have never been to my house. I throw money to them from the balcony, as they used to complain that their parents do not give them money for food and books.

 “I play with my team on Saturdays. I do not see them during week days because I go to work. This is a mere allegation and the words were put in their mouth. “If I ever did anything of such to them, let me lose my children. But if I did not, parents of these children will die.

 “Their parents should tell their children to confess how all these came about. The children are here, do they look like people losing weight? How can someone just raise false allegation against me to ruin my life? “Come to think of it, do these kids have pubic hairs? Look at them. They are so small. Why didn’t they confirm the facts before putting me in public? This is unfair.”

Posted: (2 years ago) on 29-05-2018 07:43 AM | Hero
Hmmmm nah waa he is a ritualist nonsense
Posted: (2 years ago) on 29-05-2018 08:44 AM | Hero
Hw can 11 yrs old grow Pubic hairs, i smell jealous here
Posted: (2 years ago) on 29-05-2018 09:13 AM | Gistmaniac
in naija everytin is possible

Posted: (2 years ago) on 29-05-2018 10:03 AM | Gistmaniac
Ah ah !!!,nawa for that country

Posted: (2 years ago) on 29-05-2018 10:13 AM | Hero
D need to investigate claims from d parents of those kids, if d said 15yrs wt pubic hairs, dat's understandable but 11yrs wt pubic hairs? dat's not possible
Posted: (2 years ago) on 29-05-2018 11:00 AM | Upcoming