Model Cum Actress, Zainab Raheem Looks Ravishing In These Photos

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With a pretty and smiling face that commands attention coupled with a figure that many a girl will die or rather kill to have, Zainab Raheem Lovelyn , a young model cum actress is one rapidly rising starlet who has her eyes set only the top of the showbiz food chain.
In a brief chat with this writer in Lagos, the graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Lagos revealed that “I have been in love with showbiz and entertainment generally from my childhood even though I was a shy and timid child, the love I had for movie-making and role-playing made my mother sponsor the production of my first two movies, “Nicki Minaj” and “Ikoh” , that featured super stars like, Rachael Oniga, Kunle Afod, Yomi Fash Lanso, Kemi Afolabi and Reginah Chukwu, when I was in my first year at the University but then I had to take a break and complete my studies.”
Now, with a degree in her bag and the hands-on theater training she got from the veteran movie director Kunle Afod, Zainab is ready to make her name and intermittently carve out a niche for her-self and brand within and beyond the world of Nigerian showbiz. “Every day as I wake up I keep my dreams alive by searching for acting gigs and modeling jobs because that is the only way my dreams will be realized; I also constantly take sometimes arduous steps to improve my skills and make myself better at the things I do.”
The world of modeling is full of the lure of alcohol, drugs and sex; how is young Zainab coping as a model and the temptations that abound in the world of acting. She smiled and replied
“Of a truth all these things you said are very true, but if you remember what background and family from which you emerged, you will surely realize that discipline is the watchword in this industry of ours.
Discipline and a genuine relationship with God will definitely make things a lot easier. I work hard because I believe hard work conquers all. I have had my own share of trials and numerous temptations but I thank my mother who has been a true heroin, her words keep me on track with my eyes on my many goals”. Zainab who has featured in movies like “Oju Keta” , Ekka as well as an array of modeling gigs reveal she is comfortable as an actress and model and her major turn up is the sight of a camera.
With much gusto she states: “I love the runways and being on set because once I see a camera I come alive so Nigerians should just watch out for me.” On where she sees herself in the next five years- she declares: ‘the deaf will surely her of me and the blind will practically see me.”

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Good luck to her
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